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Black Dahlia: ‘Suspect’ Jacob Edward Fisk — Wikipedia Prank Takes on a Life of Its Own

Let’s see what happens when Wikipedia vandalism takes on a life of its own. That would be Black Dahlia “suspect” Jacob Edward Fisk. Never a suspect. It was all just a prank.

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Another Wikipedia Hoax Exposed

A regular reader forwarded the following post to me, regarding our go-to source for misinformation: Wikipedia. Writing in The Daily Dot, E.J. Dickson describes surprise in discovering that a 2009 edit made to a Wikipedia entry as a college prank … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Revert War: Wallace Beery vs. Ted Healy, Round 8

Wikipedia: Now you see it, now you don’t. The story is gone — at least for today. DoctorJoeE has been busy updating the Wallace Beery and Ted Healy entries. Having been involved with Wikipedia for years, however, I would bet … Continue reading

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