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Architectural rambling

t’s difficult to be certain, but I believe the house shown in Google maps’ street view is the one designed by Clara Content Alden. Fortunately, Riverside County has posted its historic maps online, so I was able to find the … Continue reading

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Body dumped

March 4-May 7, 1958 Riverside A couple of Pinal County deputies found the new Fiat, wrecked and abandoned in Florence, Ariz., with a bloodstain in the backseat and a charge slip dated the previous day from a gas station in … Continue reading

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Landlord slain

Jan. 11-12, 1958 Los Angeles So it’s right before Christmas, Dec. 7, and our guy is a week late with the rent. Not working, no money. The landlord comes around; he’s a machinist at Douglas who owns these four apartments … Continue reading

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July 20, 1957Riverside A maid at a Riverside hotel found the battered, nude body of 5-year-old Hiedrun “Heidi” Nicholson bent over double and stuffed into a closet. It looked “as if someone had been pounding her with a hammer,” The … Continue reading

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