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Black Dahlia: Going Digital

  I am slowly digitizing all the interviews I have conducted into Los Angeles in the 1940s and it’s so nice to hear them again. This week, I did Fred Okrand (d. 2002) of the ACLU; Betty Rowland, the 1940s … Continue reading

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Historians’ Tools: Archiving Email With MailStore

  Much of the research I have done on the Black Dahlia case has been conducted via email, and after almost 20 years, I have quite a lot of it. I have tried to be diligent in backing up my … Continue reading

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Another Good Story Ruined: ‘No Irish Need Apply’ Debunker Gets Debunked by Young Scholar

Here’s an excellent weekend read by Patrick Young, Esq., in the Long Island Wins, rebutting the contention that “No Irish Need Apply” was mere paranoia and legend. Thanks to Earl Boebert for the tip. ”No Irish Need Apply: A Myth … Continue reading

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An Update From 1947

I have been immersing myself in 1947 and for those readers who don’t follow my Twitter feed (@LATDailyMirror) or Facebook page, here’s what I have been up to. From January 1947: The American Mercury muses on Arthur Vandenberg’s chances in … Continue reading

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Alexa Foreman: Available for Research

Alexa Foreman, an early member of the L.A. Daily Mirror brain trust, writes that after 20 years at TCM, she is now available to do research projects. Alexa, a researcher and producer at TCM since it began in 1994,  writes … Continue reading

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The New Rapper: Li’l Fatty Alias DJ Roscoe

Dear ProQuest: No, I did not. Perhaps you are thinking of Nipsey Hussle.

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LAPD: Parker Center Cop Shop Files — A Research Question on LAPD Case Numbering

While I’m on the subject of the LAPD Cop Shop Files, let me see if there’s anyone among the Daily Mirror Brain Trust who is familiar with LAPD case numbers. It seems that after many years of following the protocol … Continue reading

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L.A. Archives Bazaar – Coming Tomorrow

The annual Archives Bazaar snuck up on me this year. It’s tomorrow at USC! The annual bazaar will be held at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Featured sessions include the Archives Roadshow, from 10 a.m … Continue reading

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When Hollywood Tries to Get It Right

July 5, 1983: Calendar writer Judith Michaelson has a most enjoyable story about De Forest Research, founded in 1952 by Kellam de Forest and located on the Paramount lot in Hollywood. At that time, the company had seven researchers, 16,000 … Continue reading

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Research by Mary Mallory

Dear friends, By now you are familiar with the writing and research abilities of Mary Mallory (not to mention her skill at identifying mystery guests!) I occasionally receive requests for help with research and I am pleased to say that … Continue reading

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Answering Michael Rosenblum: What IS a Library?

A fellow named Michael Rosenblum, whom I have never encountered before, has written a Huffington Post essay on libraries and meanders about on the idea that Google has made them obsolete. Mind you, this is not a direct point — … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: Murder and Myth — A Note on Sources

In case you just tuned in, I am using the Wikipedia entry on Wallace Beery — alleging that he was involved in the death of Ted Healy — as a way to explore Wikipedia’s fundamental problems with accuracy and delve … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Watch: Yuri Gadyukin Hoax

An elaborate Wikipedia hoax involves a purported Soviet film director — who never existed. Among his alleged works is “Where the Tractors Roam.”

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Coming Attractions: Los Angeles Archives Bazaar

The annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar will be held Oct. 27 at USC’s Doheny Memorial Library. The bazaar is an excellent way to become acquainted with the astounding number of libraries and historical societies across the city and their amazingly … Continue reading

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A World Without Wikipedia: Not Such a Bad Idea

Wikipedia can stay dark permanently as far as I’m concerned. It’s a sinkhole of rumors and errors run by coding tweakers, factoid zealots and folks with tinfoil hats — and yes, Wikipedia has an entry on tinfoil hats. I don’t … Continue reading

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Google Strikes Again

Google has a bad habit of introducing a wonderful feature and then breaking it a few years later, as quietly as possible. The latest victim is Google’s online newspaper archives. Researchers may have noticed that the interface changed recently. This … Continue reading

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A Kindred Spirit: The New York Wanderer

Retired real estate investor Benjamin P. Feldman picked up an old change purse at a flea market and was intrigued by the name stamped on it: Compliments of Sol Goldberg’s Cafe. So he began to investigate. Feldman told the New … Continue reading

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