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Wikipedia Watch: Yuri Gadyukin Hoax

An elaborate Wikipedia hoax involves a purported Soviet film director — who never existed. Among his alleged works is “Where the Tractors Roam.”

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Wikipedia Hoax Exposed

As longtime readers know, I am not a fan of Wikipedia, which I consider a sinkhole of rumors and errors run by coding tweakers, factoid zealots and folks with tinfoil hats. This week, in fact, a Daily Mirror reader questioned … Continue reading

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Louis Adamic: Aimee Semple McPherson’s Fight With Satan

Note: The Daily Mirror HQ recently acquired another issue of Haldeman-Julius Monthly with another piece by Louis Adamic, author of “Cecil B. DeMille: Movie Evangelist.”  Here it is, courtesy of the OCR software of the HQ’s scanner. THE Reverend “Sister” … Continue reading

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