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Millennial Moment: Renovations at Earl Carroll Theatre

Oct. 31, 1982: Times staff writer Ruth Ryon profiles the renovations at the Earl Carroll Theatre, 6230 Sunset Blvd. Now the Nickelodeon Studios, the theater was designed by Gordon B. Kaufmann and opened on Christmas Eve 1938.

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‘Negroes and Whites, Including Women, Mix in Unbelievable Orgies’

March 24, 1925: I found this while researching something else and it’s too cool not to share.

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No story here. I just like the ad. This is now the site of the Jackie Robinson VFW.

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Now playing at the Wiggle Room

April 30, 1957 Los Angeles Some anonymous Times writer had fun with this story about the Exotic Dancers League. There are all sorts of gags about baring grievances, making motions and getting things off their chests. The story says the … Continue reading

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