‘Negroes and Whites, Including Women, Mix in Unbelievable Orgies’

March 24, 1925, Hummingbird

March 24, 1925: I found this while researching something else and it’s too cool not to share.

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4 Responses to ‘Negroes and Whites, Including Women, Mix in Unbelievable Orgies’

  1. juliemerholz says:

    I love it. Where are the Humming Bird Clubs when you want to see one? Sounds like a wonderful place to me.


  2. In my late teens, I worked near this place but as luck would have it somewhat after it had been closed the last time (drat). I put in a few sweaty months, pretty much the middle of the night, unloading and then reloading produce trucks at the wholesale market. Alas, thirty years too late to drop by the Humming Bird for a brew and an eye full.


  3. Charles Seims says:

    What is truly unbelieveable is the connection between the Hummingbird Cafe and the Black Dahlia murder case. George Hodel, who his son wrote was the BD killer in Black Dahlia Avenger, was for a time a reporter for the Los Angeles Record. In the Avenger book, pp. 60-61, author Steven Hodel quotes a colorful article written by his father (“Where Life is Hard”) in the August 20, 1924, LA Record about a vice raid on the Hummingbird. These cops were going around spoiling everone’s fun.

    I pulled up a Google street view to see what the place looked like, but it is long gone.


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