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#art, #history, #libraries, #museums 7|30|2011

Jean Fouquet, Le Passage du Rubicon (détail), département des Arts graphiques, musée du Louvre MUSEUMS Souren Melikian of the New York Times reviews “Enluminures: Moyen Âge et Renaissance,” at the Louvre through Oct. 10. The basic idea was to reveal … Continue reading

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#books, #museums, #history 7|29|2011 [Updated]

NEWS [Updated at 7:25 a.m. The archives of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks reveal an account of an attempted rape by a white neighbor who employed her as a housekeeper. Associated Press via Washington Post.] Historian Barry Landau and assistant … Continue reading

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#history, #libraries, #museums 7|28|2011

Image: Battle of Manila Bay. Credit: Wikipedia NEWS Justin Jouvenal in the Washington Post’s Buzz, writes that the Patsy Cline Historic House is opening in Winchester, Va., on Aug. 2. The Independence Seaport Museum has made an emergency patch on … Continue reading

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#art, #authors, #genealogy, #history, #museums 7|27|2011

Photo: 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540 K Spezial Roadster. Credit: RM Auctions via the New York Times. SPOTLIGHT The University of Virginia has posted audio clips of William Faulkner recorded in 1957-58. The home page is here. If you have never heard … Continue reading

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#film, #history, #museums, 7|26|2011

Photo: “Dear Friend Hitler.” Tripti Lahiri writes in the Wall Street Journal about “Dear Friend Hitler.” Based on the previews, the movie is “Gandhi” meets “Downfall“  meets “The Sound of Music,” in Hindi with an all-Indian cast. A less charitable … Continue reading

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#architecture, #books, #history, #museums, 7|23|2011 [Updated]

Photos: Josef Mengele’s notebooks. Credit: Alexander Autographs. RECOMMENDED Randy Kennedy of the New York Times catches up with famous/notorious graffiti artist/tagger TAKI 183 at a book signing for “The History of American Graffiti.” Rex Huppke’s ‘I Just Work Here’ Column … Continue reading

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#history, #museum, 7|21|2011

Photo: IBM Selectric stamp. Credit: U.S. Postal Service SPOTLIGHT Chicago Tribune cultural critic Julia Keller reflects on the 50th anniversary of the IBM Selectric typewriter, which is being honored with a commemorative stamp. [Does anyone remember the ORATOR font?] She … Continue reading

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#history, #museum 7|17|2011

Photo: Mail sent by airplane from the 1912 Aviation Meet at Dominguez Field.  Credit: New York Public Library   7|17|2011DEATHSArdis Butler James, 85, co-founder of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska. Margalit Fox in … Continue reading

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7|14|2011 #LA, #history, #museums

Photo: Los Angeles Public Library. Credit: LAPL FEATUREDA celebration will be held at the downtown library on Monday at 9:30 a.m. as the L.A. library system restores Monday service at all branches. Sunday closures are continuing, however. Saturday will be … Continue reading

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7|11|2011 #history, #museum

Nov. 26, 1936: Ambrose Schindler in The Times as USC and UCLA prepare to play for the first time in six years. My colleague Jerry Crowe at The Timeshas a nice profile of Ambrose Schindler, former USC quarterback, stuntman on … Continue reading

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#museum, #history

To accompany U.S. history as told in video games, we have U.S. history as told by Facebook, by Teddy Wayne, Mike Sacks and Thomas Ng in the New York Times. The Daily Mirror Recommends:At the Daily Mirror, we’re always interested … Continue reading

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Home of the week

June 7, 1908 Above, the home of J. de Barth Shorb (1842-1896) in San Marino, which Henry Huntington has torn down to make way for his cozy little cottage.  True confession: I have been a member of the Huntington for … Continue reading

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Van Gogh show

June 22, 1957 Los Angeles Are you kidding me? Is that Van Gogh’s "Portrait of Dr. Gachet" … on the ground? …at LAX? Why it certainly is. The Times described the exhibit at Barnsdall Park as the first major showing … Continue reading

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Museum picketed

  June 7, 1957 Los Angeles Max Cossak, an abstract artist, hates the modern art on display at the Los Angeles County Museum. He hates the artworks so much that he is picketing a juried show because he believes "the … Continue reading

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