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To accompany U.S. history as told in video games, we have U.S. history as told by Facebook, by Teddy Wayne, Mike Sacks and Thomas Ng in the New York Times.

The Daily Mirror Recommends:

At the Daily Mirror, we’re always interested in how memory works — and how it doesn’t. In a new report, scientists explore the way in which the brain “time stamps” memories.
Draft version of the study | Readable NYT version

The writer’s craft: How historian Amanda Foreman keeps track of hundreds of characters in “A
World on Fire: Britain’s Crucial Role in the American Civil War.” WSJ

Benjamin and Lyle “Brad” Pogofsky are fighting over their late father’s collection of baseballs autographed by Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle and other Hall of Famers. It’s a messy, sad story of a family torn apart, despite instructions in the will of Larry Pogofsky, a White Sox board member.
Chicago Tribune


The Pilsen InstaGreeter Outpost, a program of the Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, gives tours of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, which is a Latino area.

Writing for the Chicago Tribune, Christopher Webber says: Pilsen is the third neighborhood with an InstaGreeter outpost. In response to the intense interest in President Barack Obama’s Chicago roots, the program began offering tours of the Hyde Park neighborhood in 2009. Popular stops include the president’s barber shop and Valois Cafeteria, where he has often eaten. In 2010, an Old Town tour was added to capitalize on the popularity of the Second City comedy troupe.


Bicycle Heaven is part museum and part tribute to a man’s obsession with two-wheeled transportation. AP | He’s also on EBay.


Researchers working under a tight deadline (70 days) excavate trove of Pleistocene bones during a break in work on a reservoir dam. The New York Times’ Kirk Johnson has the story.


First we had Jewish gauchos, now there are Italian cowboys! NYT


The Canadian Centre for Architecture is presenting “Architecture in Uniform: Designing and Building for the Second World War” through Sept. 18. 

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, Julie V. Iovine says: It is a story not recorded in most history books, and if the show is more adroit at the wheres and whats of wartime design than in answering the hows and whys, that in no way diminishes the significance of the effort.


Family genealogy is becoming so complicated that some schools are abandoning what has been a traditional classroom project.


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