June 8, 1908




Above, vaudeville and movies at the Orpheum … At left, an automobile and a streetcar collide at 9th Street and Flower.

Also note the Latin American Republican League–and that in 1908 this group included Spanish, French and Italians …

"Although there are 5,000 Spanish American voters in the county, there is not a single Spanish American holding a county office and there are very few of them employed at the courthouse."
–Frank Dominguez, president of the Latin American Republican League.

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1 Response to June 8, 1908

  1. Bill Hilser says:

    If the Burbank Theater ad on the 1908 page is the place on the west side of Main St., at about 5th St., It’s the same theater we used to see old time burlesque at when we ditched school in the early 1950’s. I’ll never forget sitting in the front row and watching Tempest Storm twirl her rather awesome assets!
    Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba


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