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N.Y. Bans Night Baseball!

May 19, 1942: It’s officially straw hat season in Los Angeles, so men, dump that felt chapeau and get yourself a nice Panama. Lee Shippey writes that the evacuation of the Japanese has forced many (white) Angelenos to get back … Continue reading

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US sub sails under polar ice cap, Dodgers win over Giants, August 9, 1958

    he nuclear submarine Nautilus crosses beneath the polar ice cap and surfaces near Greenland … The U.S. plans to withdrawn 2,000 Marines from Lebanon … And U.N. Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold proposes a peace plan for the Middle East … Continue reading

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Giants win over Cubs, August 4, 1938

  The Giants beat the Cubs, 8-3 … Pittsburgh wins against Boston … Bronko Nagurski flattens Gus Sonnenberg in wrestling … beautifying downtown Los Angeles … and Mayor Frank Shaw dismisses the upcoming recall recall election. Imagine this: There was … Continue reading

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Bonds slams the Dodgers

June 26, 1968 By Keith Thursby Times staff writer difficult to imagine a better debut than Bobby Bonds’ first game for the Giants against the Dodgers. Bonds, described in Dan Hafner’s story as a tall, rangy youngster from Riverside, hit … Continue reading

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Wild record for Dodgers

June 1, 1968 By Keith Thursby Times staff writer Don Drysdale’s 1968 season would never happen in 2008. A starting pitcher allowed to finish complete game after complete game? You’ve got to be kidding. What about the high-priced closers who … Continue reading

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April 21, 1958

A battle of bean balls between Ramon Monzant of the Giants and Don Drysdale of the Dodgers. I really don’t think I’d care to have Drysdale aiming for my noggin. Email me

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Dodgers’ debut

April 16, 1958   By Keith Thursby Times Staff Writer                  After all the months of planning, negotiations and expectations, the Dodgers played their first game on the West Coast and were shut … Continue reading

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California baseball!

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