Bonds slams the Dodgers


June 26, 1968

By Keith Thursby
Times staff writer

Dropcap_its_1922 difficult to imagine a better debut than Bobby Bonds’ first game for the Giants against the Dodgers.

Bonds, described in Dan Hafner’s story as a tall, rangy youngster from Riverside, hit a grand slam in his first major league game, a 9-0 victory in San Francisco. Only once before had a player hit a grand slam in his first game.

"I couldn’t believe I had hit a home run. I just ran around the bases," Bonds said in The Times’ story. "Maybe it will dawn on me tomorrow."

Hafner mentioned that Bonds was considered the eventual replacement for Willie Mays, still playing center for the Giants and the face of the franchise. Nothing like a little pressure. Bonds was a three-time all star with the Giants, but he was traded to the Yankees in 1974 for Bobby Murcer, who had been expected to be the next Mickey Mantle.

Bonds bounced around after that, playing for the Angels, White Sox, Rangers, Indians, Cardinals and Cubs before ending his career with the Yankees. His son, Barry Bonds, of course, is currently out of baseball after setting the major league career home run record.

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1 Response to Bonds slams the Dodgers

  1. A Scanner Darkly says:

    I saw that GS on TV as an 8 yr. old youngster in Huntington Beach.


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