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Mary Mallory / Hollywood Heights: Hats Off to Black-Foxe Military Institute

Long before there were Tiger Moms, many parents stressed discipline and hard work to their school-age children. Boys were often enrolled in military prep schools to learn discipline, rigor and fortitude through both schoolroom work and athletic pursuits. Several Los … Continue reading

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China Bans Traditional Clothing for Western Fashions

Jan. 3, 1913: The Chinese government issues an edict against traditional clothing in favor of Western fashions. Women were called upon “to abandon their trousers for the occidental skirt and men to give up their comfortable loose clothes for the … Continue reading

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July 8, 1908

arion Jones died with a secret–and a lot of medical bills ($2,308.64 for doctors’ visits in 2007 dollars). She died owing $29.45 ($647.52 USD 2007), so she was turned over to the medical school at USC to be dissected by … Continue reading

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June 10, 1958

ormer leading lady Virginia Pearson, left, dies at the age of 72. In her later years, she lived at the Motion Picture Country Home, The Times says. At the top, an extremely specific help wanted ad for Western Airlines.  Also: … Continue reading

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The comics

May 25, 1958 Wow! Some day in the future, students will have computers in the classroom! Notice that none of them are texting their pals or playing World of Warcraft!

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Found on EBay

Here’s an image of Harvard Military School, which covered 10 acres at Western Avenue and 16th Street, an area then known as Pico Heights. The original postcard is for sale on EBay. Email me

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Feb. 26, 1938

Above, a dance that apparently didn’t catch on … Below, Police Chief James Davis testifies before the Los Angeles County Grand Jury in the Harry Raymond bombing … And the grand jury considers indictments on charges that a bookmaking syndicate … Continue reading

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Jan. 5, 1958

Note: Carl Sandburg died at the age of 89, despite his predictions.*   * Of course, if you figure he lived 32,703 days, he was right. It is divisible by 11.

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Dec. 30, 1957


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Countdown to Watts

  Aug. 5, 1957 Los Angeles In eight years (the headline above is from The Times, Aug. 12, 1965), Los Angeles will explode in the Watts riots and many people will wonder how it happened. Here’s part of the answer. … Continue reading

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