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Black Dahlia: How Do People Get the Story So Wrong?

This popped into my inbox this morning and golly it’s amazing just how many mistakes some crime buffs can pack into one blog post. Then again, the Internet. Ready? Let’s find five obvious errors.

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July 2, 1947: Man Held in Strangling of Mary Tate

Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project. This is, of course, a murder frequently tossed into the Black Dahlia file by crime books such as “The Cases That Haunt Us” and “Black Dahlia … Continue reading

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Black Dahlia: ‘It Was Him’ and Edward Wayne Edwards — No Way

Before you watch Episode 5 of “It Was Him,” (airing Monday at 9 p.m. on Paramount Net), which attempts to link Edward Wayne Edwards to the Black Dahlia case… Keep in mind: Edward Wayne Edwards was born June 14, 1933. … Continue reading

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