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May 24, 1908

  Above, 16 people are injured at a balloon ascension in Berkeley when the gas bag ruptures at an altitude of 300 feet and the airship plunges to earth. The hydrogen gas bag, made of cotton treated with kerosene oil, … Continue reading

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Feb. 7, 1958

Test pilot Henry C. Bosserman, a distinguished World War II flier, dies when his chute fails to open in the crash of a F-104A near Palmdale. The debris endangers children waiting at bus stops … Wedding bells are to ring … Continue reading

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Paul Coates

Feb. 6, 1958 I received a phone call last night, sheriff. A man asked me to pass a message along to you. My caller was Raymond McCafferty of Whittier. Maybe you remember the name. He’s the father of one of … Continue reading

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Feb. 4, 1958

  Feb. 4, 1958Los Angeles More rain … A woman dies in a bizarre shooting … The Norwalk air disaster provokes calls to restrict flights over the city … The governor submits a budget with no tax increases, but calls … Continue reading

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Feb. 3, 1958

  Click here to download the full page: Download 1958_0203.jpg

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