Civil Service chief arrested, card players held in vice crackdown, October 13, 1938

1938_october_13_cover 1938_jefferson_nickel_02At left,  the general manager of the city’s Civil Service Commis-
sion is arrested on charges of tampering with the final results of employment tests. Police Chief James Davis calls a meeting to tell captains  to focus on serious vice and gambling cases after 14 elderly men are arrested for playing rummy in Westlake (MacArthur) Park.

And the San Francisco Mint begins making Jefferson nickels.

1938_october_13_sports In sports, former shortstop Leo Durocher is signed to manage the Brooklyn Dodgers, succeeding Burleigh Grimes. Durocher says that had it not been for the recent death of his father it would be the happiest moment of his life. On a somber note, Durocher adds that Babe Ruth had not "been available" for a coaching job.

"Dad always said he would like to see me a big league manager, but he didn’t."

–Leo Durocher

And wrestler Bronko Nagurski defeats Sandor Szabo at the Olympic …

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  1. Arye Michael Bender says:

    J. Caroll Naish, yet another character actor who was — old when he was young –. BTW: Bill Robinson’s head is bigger than Lloyd Nolan’s. So much for being king of Alcatraz,


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