Santa Claus Is No Ordinary Man!

  Dec. 23, 1960, Comics  

Dec. 23, 1960: Take that, Sluggo, you gender-stereotyping clod!

On the jump, a “legless World War II veteran” is charged with having 250 reels of stag films…. Jack Smith goes Christmas shopping and finds his fellow human beings a bit lacking in the holiday spirit … bridge expert Alfred Sheinwold says the four of clubs is a card of warning … and Pope John XXIII reads his Christmas message.

The Times said: “The pontiff dedicated much of his message … to the subject of truth.  He especially appealed to all engaged in mass communication — press, radio, television, movies — to dedicate themselves to it.”


7 Men, Woman, Arrested in Lewd Film Racket, Oct. 24, 1957

King of Obscene Films Kills Self in Chicago, Sept. 14, 1947


  Dec. 23, 1960, Porn  

  Dec. 23, 1960, Jack Smith  

  Dec. 23, 1960, Pope  

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1 Response to Santa Claus Is No Ordinary Man!

  1. Native Angeleno says:

    That little notice at the end about Hoover’s red hysteria—why would he do that and sound like a babbling idiot? Because he served certain interests in keeping the threat, the fear, going of a Commie takeover of the US, to forever push the US militaristically right, as the ’60s showed, as the ’00s have shown, with the preposterous domino theory and “war on (of) terror”, culminating in what still is the cash cow that is the perpetual war industry Eisenhower was to reveal a month after Hoover’s hysteria with such ominousness.


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