Black Dahlia: Steve Hodel vs. His Mom – Dorothy Hodel Interview Exposes Son’s Lies

I, in the persona of NOT Dr. Alan Campbell with “Boxy,” posted a brief video on Dorothy Hodel’s statement to Dist. Atty’s Lt. Frank Jemison. For those who aren’t up for my dramatic reading, here are a few key points and the actual interview:

  • Dorothy Hodel says that Dr. George Hodel never practiced surgery. His specialty was VD and administrative medicine.

  • Dorothy Hodel says that she and George Hodel obtained an interlocutory divorce in 1944 (when Steve Hodel was about age 3) and final divorce decree in 1945 (when Steve Hodel was about 4).

  • Dorothy Hodel says that she was living with her brother – not at the Franklin House — when Elizabeth Short was killed.

  • Dorothy Hodel says that George Hodel was never interested in earning money, only in medicine.

  • Dorothy Hodel says she is a housewife, not a writer; that she has worked as a writer but not at the present time (1950).

  • Dorothy Hodel says that Lillian Lenorak was a “mental case.” Lenorak was the woman who said George Hodel “dated” Elizabeth Short and was the only person to say so. Everyone else Jemison interviewed said there was no connection between George Hodel and Elizabeth Short.

If you have been paying attention, Steve Hodel has been claiming the opposite of all this: That his father was a prominent surgeon (sorry, no); he and his brothers were “princes” in the Sowden House; that they were living there in 1947, when Elizabeth Short was killed – though conveniently away that time;  that George Hodel was rich and powerful; that his mother was a screenwriter; and that Lillian Lenorak (though never identified by name) clinches that George Hodel “dated” Elizabeth Short.


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1 Response to Black Dahlia: Steve Hodel vs. His Mom – Dorothy Hodel Interview Exposes Son’s Lies

  1. Kris says:

    Thank you for keeping track of all of this. Seems like a full time job by itself. Steve finds new evidence every 5 days or so. Look forward to the book!


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