Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

This week’s mystery movie was the 1947 MGM picture The Arnelo Affair, with John Hodiak, George Murphy, Frances Gifford, Dean Stockwell, Eve Arden, Warner Anderson, Lowell Gilmore, Michael Branden, Ruth Brady, Ruby Dandridge and Joan Woodbury.

Screenplay by Arch Oboler, based on a story by Jane Burr.

Arnelo_harrisonsreports29harr_0030Photography by Charles Salerno, edited by Harry Komer, music by George Bassman, recorded by Douglas Shearer.

Art direction by Cedric Gibbons and Wade Rubottom. Set decorations by Edwin B. Willis and Thomas Theuerkauf.

Costumes by Irene. Makeup by Jack Dawn.

Produced by Jerry Bresler.

Directed by Arch Oboler.

The Arnelo Affair is not available commercially. It last aired on TCM in 2017.


I picked The Arnelo Affair as a tribute to the late Dean Stockwell, who died Nov. 7, avoiding the more familiar movies that TCM will be airing Monday. I also have a minor interest in the film after picking up an original copy of the script at a thrift store years ago. The script has pages in many colors with rewrites and retakes, in case you’re wondering.

The movie, alas, is pretty much a dog. Frances Gifford plays the bored, neglected wife of a dull, workaholic lawyer (George Murphy) who falls under the spell of a shady nightclub owner (John Hodiak). Nothing much happens between Hodiak and Gifford except that she suffers pangs of guilt in countless close-ups. In fact, The Arnelo Affair is mostly Francis Gifford suffering pangs of guilt. Dean Stockwell appears as couple’s charming son.

More on the film’s history is available from the AFI catalog.

And let’s see which New York Times critic hated it. 1947 is prime Bosley Crowther territory, so I’m calling it for him.

Yes, it’s B.C. and he hated it. Win!

Sept. 13, 1947:

Whatever happened to Arch Oboler, that wonder boy of the radio who was scheduled, when first he went to Hollywood, to set the screen on fire? The Arnelo Affair, now at the Rialto, is the last we’ve heard from him. And The Arnelo Affair was finished almost a year ago. We haven’t even heard a single mention of Mr. Oboler in connection with the screen since this childish little specimen of his writing and direction was put on the block.

….It is unmercifully slow and somber and utterly devoid of surprise.


For Monday, we have a mystery woman. She is saddened by such goings-on. (And yes, we will see her later in the week with the leading lady).

Update: This is Ruby Dandridge.


For Tuesday, we have a mystery woman.

Update: This is Ruth Brady.


Also a cheerful mystery gent. That is some tie, my friend.

Update: This is Michael Branden (Archie Twitchell).


For “Hm Wednesday,” we have a mystery woman. She does not approve of such goings-on.

Update: This is Joan Woodbury.

Brain Trust roll call: Howard Mandelbaum (mystery movie and all mystery guests), B.J. Merholz (Tuesday’s mystery gent), Anne Papineau (Tuesday’s mystery gent) and Thom (Tuesday’s mystery gent).


For “Aha Thursday,” we have this mysterious gentleman.

Update: This is John Hodiak.


… and we also have this mystery woman. Oh yes, and Back of the Head Guy.

Update: This is Eve Arden and George Murphy as Back of the Head Guy.

Brain Trust roll call: Howard Mandelbaum (Wednesday’s mystery woman), B.J. Merholz (mystery movie and Monday’s mystery woman), Sheila (mystery movie and all mystery guests) and Mike Hawks (mystery movie and all mystery guests).

For Friday, we have this mysterious woman.

Update: This is Frances Gifford, suffering. She does that a lot in this picture.


Also seen with Monday’s mystery woman.

Update: This is Ruby Dandridge and Frances Gifford, in a rare non-suffering moment.

We have this mysterious gent.

Update: This is George Murphy.


And finally, we remember a mystery lad.

Update: This is Dean Stockwell.

Brain Trust roll call: Mary Mallory (mystery movie and all mystery guests), Beach Gal (mystery movie and all mystery guests), Tucson Barbara (Thursday’s mystery woman), Howard Mandelbaum (Thursday’s mystery guests), Megan and Thom (mystery movie and all mystery guests), Mike Hawks (Thursday’s mystery guests), Gary (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery woman), Patrick (mystery movie and mystery cast), Sarah (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery guests), Sylvia Edwards (mystery movie and all mystery guests) and Anne Papineau (mystery movie and all mystery guests).

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35 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Anne Papineau says:

    Louise Beavers?


  2. aryedirect says:

    Venturing a guess: She is Louise Beavers in ‘Imitation of Life’.


  3. David Inman says:

    Total shot in the dark: “Odds Against Tomorrow.”


  4. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Monday: Ruby Dandridge in THE ARNELO AFFAIR (1947)
    Tuesday: Ruth Brady; Archie Twitchell


  5. B.J. Merholz says:

    I don’t know the movie so it’s either Archie Twitchell, Michael Branden or Uncredited.


  6. Anne Papineau says:

    Tuesday’s guy with the tie: Archie Twitchell


  7. Thom says:

    Today’s mystery gentleman is Archie Twitchell.


  8. Mary Mallory says:

    NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Juanita Moore Monday, Mari Blanchard and Mauritz Hugo today.


  9. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Joan Woodbury.


  10. B.J. Merholz says:

    If Monday is Ruby Dandridge, then it’s The Arnelo Affair.


  11. Sheila says:

    Ruby Dandridge, Ruth Brady, Archie Twitchell, Joan Woodbury in ‘The Arnelo Affair’?


  12. mike hawks says:

    Ruby Dandridge, Ruth Brady, Michael Branden (Archie Twitchell) and Joan Woodbury in THE ARNELO AFFAIR.


  13. Gary says:

    Signe Hasso?


  14. Mary Mallory says:

    THE ARNELO AFFAIR. Ruby Dandridge Monday, RuthBrady and Archie Twitchell Tuesday, Frances Gifford yesterday, and John Hodiak and George Murphy BOTH and Eve Arden today. Will Dean Stockwell come up tomorrow?


  15. beachgal says:

    Monday – Ruby Danridge
    Tues. – #1 – Ruth Brady
    Tues #2 – Archie Twitchell
    Wed – Joan Woodbury
    Thurs – #1 – John Hodiak
    Thurs #2 – Eve Arden
    Fri we should see George Murphy, and Francis Gifford with RIP, a young gent in Dean Stockwell.
    Our film is The Arnello Affair.


  16. tucsonbarbara says:

    Eve Arden on Thursday.


  17. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    John Hodiak; George Murphy, Eve Arden.


  18. Megan and Thom says:

    The film of the week is “The Arnelllo Affair” with Ruby Dandridge on Monday. For Tuesday the guests are Francis Gifford and Archie Twitchell. Wednesday brought us Joan Woodbury and today John Hodiak and Eve Arden.


  19. mike hawks says:

    John Hodiak, George Murphy and Eve Arden.


  20. Gary says:

    A Tribute to the young Dean Stockwell in a lesser known film, of course, The Arnelo Affair, with Eve Arden once again playng the classic Clothes Horse…she did it so well.


  21. Patrick says:

    Ruby Dandridge, Ruth Brady, Archie Twitchell, Francis Gifford, John Hodiak, George Murphy and Eve Arden in The Arnelo Affair from 1947.


  22. Sarah says:

    Better late then never. It’s “The Arnelo Affair” (1946). I recognize John Hodiak and Eve Arden. Interesting note — even though most internet sources show the year it came out as 1947, the actual trailer shows it was released in 1946.


  23. Sylvia Edwards says:

    Thanks to Aha Thursday:

    The Arnelo Affair 1947
    (your salute to Mr. Dean Stockwell, I think)

    Ruby Dandridge
    Ruth Brady
    Archie Twitchell
    Joan Woodbury (I think)
    John Hodiak
    Eve Arden w/ BOTHG, George Murphy
    Friday will bring, Mr. Stockwell, Frances Gifford and a front view of Mr. Murphy


  24. Anne Papineau says:

    Ruby Dandridge, Ruth Brady, Joan Woodbury, John Hodiak, Eve Arden, Frances Gifford, George Murphy and Dean Stockwell in “The Arnelo Affair”


  25. Mary Mallory says:

    Joan Woodbury Wednesday, Frances Gifford, Ruby Dandridge, George Murphy, and Dean Stockwell today. He was a cute kid. That horse lamp has appeared in other movies.


  26. tucsonbarbara says:

    The Arnelo Affair

    RIP Dean Stockwell


  27. mike hawks says:

    Francis Gifford, Ruby Dandridge, George Murphy and Dean Stockwell.


  28. beachgal says:

    Fri #1 Francis Gifford
    Fri #2 Ruby Dan ridge and Francis Gifford
    Fri #3 George Murphy
    Fri #4 Dean Stockwell


  29. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Frances Gifford; Ruby Dandridge; George Murphy; Dean Stockwell.


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