Mystery Movies for 2019 — Arranged by Year

Mary Astory in 'Two Arabian Knights'
Mary Astor in “Two Arabian Knights,” one of four mystery movies from the 1920s.

I thought it would be fun to analyze last year’s mystery movies to see if I accomplished my goal of providing variety. I generally go from week to week in picking mystery movies, so I only have a general idea of how I am doing.

Here’s how the decades stacked up:

Decade Movies
1910s 1
1920s 4
1930s 13
1940s 14
1950s 16
1960s 3
1970s 2

I did better than I expected. Silents are terra incognita to many people (though one of the 1920s films — “The Last of Mrs. Cheyney” — was a talkie that was also released in a silent version), and I use an arbitrary cutoff date of 1960, though I snuck in five from 1960s and 1970s. The earliest movie was “Hell’s Hinges” (1916) and the most recent was “Zulu Dawn” (1979).  You may have noticed there were 53 mystery movies, since I carried over “Earth vs. the Flying Saucers from Dec. 31, 2018.

The 1940s and 1950s tended toward film noir while the 1930s was heavy on the Pre-Codes.

Next, I’ll take a look at the mystery studios.

Date Mystery Movie Year Studio
3/4/2019 Hell’s Hinges 1916 Triangle
9/30/2019 Red Lily 1924 MGM
11/4/2019 The Late Mathias Pascal 1926 Foreign, Albatros
4/22/2019 Two Arabian Nights 1927 United Artists
6/3/2019 The Last of Mrs. Cheyney 1929 MGM
2/4/2019 Hell’s Highway 1932 RKO
2/24/2019 Lawyer Man 1932 WB
4/1/2019 Big City Blues 1932 WB
9/16/2019 State’s Attorney 1932 RKO
1/14/2019 Sherlock Holmes, Study in Scarlet 1933 Fox
4/29/2019 State Fair 1933 Fox
9/9/2019 Counsellor at Law 1933 Universal
11/11/2019 Art Trouble 1934 WB
5/6/2019 She Married Her Boss 1935 Columbia
5/27/2019 Les Miserables 1935 Twentieth Century-Fox
7/22/2019 Tough Guy 1936 MGM
11/18/2019 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back 1937 Paramount
12/30/2019 Oops! 1939 WB
2/18/2019 Night Train to Munich 1940 Twentieth Century-Fox
3/18/2019 Dulcy 1940 MGM
12/16/2019 Beyond Tomorrow 1940 Independent
5/13/2019 Texas 1941 Columbia
2/10/2019 Eyes in the Night 1942 MGM
10/14/2019 Man Who Would Not Die 1942 Twentieth Century-Fox
1/28/2019 Du Barry Was a Lady 1943 MGM
1/21/2019 Crime by Night 1944 WB
12/23/2019 The Horn Blows at Midnight 1945 WB
6/24/2019 Fear 1946 Monogram
11/25/2019 Somewhere in the Night 1946 Twentieth Century-Fox
7/8/2019 Crime Doctor’s Diary 1949 Columbia
8/19/2019 Flaxy Martin 1949 WB
9/2/2019 The Fan 1949 Twentieth Century-Fox
6/10/2019 Underworld Story 1950 United Artists
3/11/2019 Man in the White Suit 1951 Foreign, Ealing
4/14/2019 Half Angel 1951 Twentieth Century-Fox
6/17/2019 The Law and the Lady 1951 MGM
7/1/2019 Five Fingers 1952 Twentieth Century-Fox
8/26/2019 Flight to the Future 1952 Promotional
1/7/2019 Pushover 1954 Columbia
7/29/2019 Green Fire 1954 MGM
12/31/2018 Earth vs. the Flying Saucers 1956 Columbia
8/12/2019 The Opposite Sex 1956 MGM
10/21/2019 King and Four Queens 1956 Independent
12/2/2019 Cry in the Night 1956 WB
3/25/2019 The Last Angry Man 1959 Independent
7/15/2019 Big Circus 1959 Allied Artists
10/7/2019 Man Who Understood Women 1959 Twentieth Century-Fox
10/28/2019 The Devil’s Disciple 1959 Foreign,
12/9/2019 Susan Slade 1961 WB
9/23/2019 The Shooting 1966 Independent
8/5/2019 Model Shop 1969 Columbia
4/8/2019 The Iceman Cometh 1973 American Film Theater
5/20/2019 Zulu Dawn 1979 Foreign, England

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  1. Mary Mallory says:

    I always like ’em the earlier the better.


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