L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Drinking Guide – The Queens Cocktail

Note: This is an encore post from 2017.

Joe Vogel asks if there was a Queens Cocktail. The answer is yes.

According to the Jamaica Long Island Daily Press, Jan. 24, 1935, the Queens Cocktail debuted at the Hotel Commodore in a toast to President Roosevelt. Via Fultonhistory.com.

(No word yet on the Staten Island Cocktail — and boy that sounds like a straight line).

And here is the recipe, from “The Wine Trail” by G. Selmer Fougner, the Jamaica Long Island Daily Press, Feb. 2 or 3, 1935, via Fultonhistory.com.  And yes, it’s a little hard to read. I actually cleaned it up a bit.


Queens Cocktail

Meanwhile, we have this recipe for a Queens Cocktail from Winnie O’Conner. From the Long Island Daily Press, Feb. 2, 1937, via Fulton History.com.

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