January 1939: Vivien Leigh Cast in ‘Gone With the Wind’ (Hedda Hopper Does Not Approve)

L.A. Times, 1939

January 1939: Vivien Leigh is cast as Scarlett O’Hara. Hedda Hopper does not approve. Boy does she not approve. Frankly, was there anybody who was ever worse at casting than Hedda Hopper? She would shamelessly use her column to campaign for someone to get a part – even when they were completely wrong.

This post originally appeared on latimes.com and is available via Archive.org..

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2 Responses to January 1939: Vivien Leigh Cast in ‘Gone With the Wind’ (Hedda Hopper Does Not Approve)

  1. Mrs. Benito says:

    Not much different today, is it? Folks going about insisting that one must actually BE a [insert label here] in order to PLAY a [insert same label]. That said, I’ll stay mum on Miss Hopper’s casting philosophy lest I stray into the political waters which seem to have flooded ALL discourse of late.


    • lmharnisch says:

      I think Hedda is fair game and a delightful target. She seems to have been wrong about nearly everything and it’s endless fun to expose, given our vantage point, just how far off she was all the time.


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