Black Dahlia: George Hodel – ‘One of the Evilest Men in History?’ Says Who??

MEAWW, 2019

MEAWW, 2019

One thing you know about evil sociopaths is that they like to treat impoverished people of color. Yep. That’s what evil sociopaths do, fer sure.

The website has published a brief interview with actor Jefferson Mays, who portrays Dr. George Hodel in the upcoming TNT mini-series “I Am the Night.” The article, by Mangala Dilip, calls George Hodel “one of the evilest men [in] history.”

Really? (Evilest? Evidently MEAWW doesn’t have editors).

Now for some tiresome facts. Dr. George Hodel specialized in public health and treated poor blacks who lived in the segregated neighborhood called Bronzeville, formerly Little Tokyo, which was empty because the residents had been put in internment camps during World War II.

George Hodel never had a surgical practice in Los Angeles – he didn’t have the essential accreditation and thus no hospital was open to him.

He was also not a “Hollywood gynecologist,” as claimed in “I Am the Night.”

And there is zero evidence. Nothing. To connect him to any homicide, not the killing of Elizabeth Short nor anyone else. In fact, there is nothing to show George Hodel even knew Elizabeth Short. Nothing.

The only person to accuse George Hodel of murder is his son Steve Hodel — and anybody that repeats Steve’s claims. Independent research cannot verify even one killing and certainly not that he was a serial killer allowed to run rampant in Los Angeles because he knew about the sex lives of L.A.’s ruling elite.

“One of the evilest men [in] history?” I mean really.

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6 Responses to Black Dahlia: George Hodel – ‘One of the Evilest Men in History?’ Says Who??

  1. Joe Vogel says:

    There is actually someone named Fauna Hodel? The name Fauna was funny in Steinbeck’s story, but damn, who would actually name their kid Fauna?


  2. Jeanne Marie Spicuzza says:

    Was there ever a DNA and/or blood test for Fauna, alleged incestuous daughter of Tamar and George Hill Hodel? I see that this parentage is often asserted as fact, but uncertain if there is established basis for it. My instinct is no, there is not.

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