Black Dahlia: 6 Reasons Dr. George Hodel Didn’t Kill Elizabeth Short — No. 6 No Connection

Elizabeth Short contrasted with the unidentified woman found in George Hodel’s photo album. Not at all the same.

Here are six reasons Dr. George Hodel did not kill Elizabeth Short that you will need to know before watching the TNT mini-series “I Am the Night” or listening to the eight-part podcast accompanying the production.

Reason No. 6: Dr. George Hodel had no connection to Elizabeth Short.


Reason No 1: George Hodel was never “a prime suspect” in the Black Dahlia case.

Reason No. 2: George Hodel was found not guilty of morals charges.

Reason No. 3: George Hodel was not pals with Man Ray.

Reason No. 4: George Hodel served the poor blacks of Bronzeville.

Reason No. 5: George Hodel had no surgical practice in Los Angeles.


Why George Hodel didn’t kill his secretary.

The Many Lies of Steve Hodel

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Steve Hodel’s entire case against his father, the foundation on which he built the massive “Black Dahlia Avenger” franchise about Dr. Hodel being a serial killer,  stands on the claim that Dr. Hodel had a photo of Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia.

Steve Hodel originally claimed that two photos he found in his late father’s belongings are of Elizabeth Short. One photo was eliminated when the woman in the picture came forward and identified herself as Marya Marco. The woman in the other photo remains unidentified.

When pressed, Steve Hodel will say that it doesn’t matter whether the photos are of Elizabeth Short because they only served to get him interested in the case.

But he always — inevitably — circles around to say that he believes the remaining photo is of Elizabeth Short.

In truth, Elizabeth Short’s family issued a statement saying that neither of the photos are of Elizabeth Short. And they were merely confirming what would be obvious to anybody with good eyesight and thinking untainted by “confirmation bias.”

Even if it was, mere possession of a photo of Elizabeth Short doesn’t make anybody a killer. But it is a hard fact that neither of the two photos presented by Steve Hodel are of Elizabeth Short.

Steve Hodel is perpetually discovering “new evidence.” But without the foundation — that his father had a photo of Elizabeth Short — Steve Hodel’s massive “Black Dahlia Avenger” enterprise crashes to the ground.

Dr. Hodel was never a “prime suspect” in the Black Dahlia case.
Dr. Hodel was found not guilty of molesting Tamar Hodel.
Dr. Hodel was not close friends with Man Ray.
Dr. Hodel ran a clinic that treated impoverished blacks, not the wealthy elite.
Dr. Hodel was not a practicing surgeon.
Dr. Hodel did not have a picture of Elizabeth Short.

Anything else is a lie.

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  1. Janet says:

    That photo is not Eliz. Short. Eliz Short had hideous eyebrows in all known photos and was more plain than pretty.


  2. Arye Michael Bender says:

    But he did kill Vaudeville, did he not?


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