Black Dahlia: 6 Reasons Dr. George Hodel Didn’t Kill Elizabeth Short — No. 2 Not Guilty of Morals Charges

L.A. Times, 1949
Here are six reasons Dr. George Hodel did not kill Elizabeth Short that you will need to know before watching the TNT mini-series “I Am the Night” or listening to the eight-part podcast accompanying the production.

Reason No. 2: George Hodel was found not guilty of molesting his daughter, Tamar.


Reason No 1: George Hodel was never “a prime suspect” in the Black Dahlia case.

Steve Hodel perpetually cites the late Tamar Hodel’s molestation charges against their father; they are at the heart of his claim that his father was “a monster.”

But Steve Hodel whitewashes Tamar Hodel’s true nature:

L.A. Times, 1949

During the proceedings, Tamar’s mother stated in an affidavit that her daughter was a “problem child for many years” and frequently accused men of molesting her. “Much of her abnormal behavior has had to do with stories and statements about sex,” the mother said.

Tamar’s mother sent her to live with Dr. Hodel with hopes that he could handle her, but Tamar filed charges of molestation against Dr. Hodel and more than a dozen students at Hollywood High School. Not one of the high school students was ever charged. All of this is swept under the rug in the “Black Dahlia Avenger” series of books.

Tamar Hodel was an incorrigible liar and problem child who made “unfounded complaints” and lodged mass accusations against her father and more than a dozen high school students. Did Dr. Hodel molest Tamar? The jury, which included eight women, said no.

To be continued.

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