Nov. 30, 1907: Witness Against Mexican Revolutionaries Poisoned!

Note: This is an encore post from 2006.

Nov. 30, 1907
Los Angeles

A secret witness in the trial of the Mexican revolutionaries—kept under close guard because his life has been threatened—went into convulsions shortly after eating a meal that apparently contained strychnine.

Trinidad Vasquez, identified by The Times as a member of the Mexican Secret Service, has been accompanied everywhere by Detective Thomas Furlong. But after a stormy court session, Vasquez complained of being hungry and was allowed to go to a cafe on 5th Street near Olive, where he had a ham and cheese sandwich with a cup of coffee.

“Just in front of the police station, Vasquez suddenly clapped his hand over his heart and fell forward to the sidewalk. The quick action of Furlong prevented the man striking his head against the curb,” The Times said.

Vasquez was taken to the Receiving Hospital, where his stomach was pumped by Dr. Tanner.

“The watch on the man will be redoubled and an officer will be with him day and night until the case against the Mexican revolutionists is completed,” The Times says.

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