Black Dahlia: ‘I Am the Night’ – My Head Is Already Exploding

Nov. 27, 2018, I Am the Night


You have GOT to be kidding.  Is THIS supposed to be Dr. George Hodel???
This is ridiculous – and has nothing to do with the Black Dahlia case. Nada.

Gangster Squad Title
I think we all remember what happened the last time we saw this disclaimer on a movie. It was the disaster known as “Gangster Squad.” At least most of us remember.

Or as I said in 2013: “Inspired by a True Story” is movie shorthand for “what you’re about to see is all b.s.”

“Gangster Squad”: Fail | Part 1
“Gangster Squad”: Fail | Part 2
“Gangster Squad”: Fail | Part 3
How Not to Wear a Hat, “Gangster Squad” Edition

This time it’s “I Am the Night.”

I Am the Night
Oh look! It’s the Black Dahlia (1947) in (record scratch) 1965?

I Am the Night
The Black Dahlia and the Watts Riots (1965)?

I Am the Night


Now. There’s. Some. Dialogue.

And for the record, take a look at Chris Pine.

Nobody and I mean NOBODY dressed like this in 1965 (I was there). So Rhona Meyers, go sit in the corner with an old Life magazine. And the hairstyles. Seriously?

1965, Van Heusen Shirts
This is how guys dressed in 1965. Van Heusen shirt, skinny tie (probably a clip-on).

I Am the Night




You cannot be serious.

To be (painfully) continued.

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4 Responses to Black Dahlia: ‘I Am the Night’ – My Head Is Already Exploding

  1. HP says:

    This looks terrible. Like, terrible on the scale of Brian De Palma’s The Black Dahlia film. I do have a question, however! I’ve been watching with some interest as many cold cases are being solved with the aid of familial DNA . I was really shocked when the Golden State Killer was apprehended after all these years! Larry, do you know if there is any remaining physical evidence from Elizabeth Short’s case files that could be used for such purposes? Or was there ever any to begin with? I’m guessing no, but can you imagine if the killer, who is I’m sure long dead, was identified after all these years? And Steve Hodel’s reaction when it WASN’T his father? Any thoughts on this? Sorry for the novel!!


  2. Eve says:

    Wait–that’s Joey with the turkey stuck on his head from that Thanksgiving episode of Friends, isn’t it? JOEY TRIBBIANI KILLED ELIZABETH SHORT!


  3. Jeanne Marie Spicuzza says:

    Oh. My. Goodness.


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