Nov. 6, 1947: LAPD Officer Kills Black Suspect in Market Burglary

L.A. Times, 1947

L.A. Times, 1947 Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project..

The Times did absolutely no follow-up to this incident as to whether Everline was tried in the burglary, nor was there any apparent investigation of the officer-involved shooting. Of course, in the 1940s, police shootings were rarely if ever investigated.

Public records shed little light on Wallas, except that he was born in Texas and apparently had no Social Security number. Everline (SS# 467-22-4104), who died in Virginia in 1981, was also born in Texas, but there’s no further information.

Brown and Williams responded to a domestic dispute shortly before Christmas in which Dorothy Sanford of 5519 S. St. Andrews Place shot her husband, Louis, three times. Apparently Louis’ family had come to stay with the Sanfords “for a few days” six weeks earlier and bickering had ensued.

Brown never reappeared in The Times, but Williams served for several years in the LAPD intelligence unit, investigating such cases as the Sam Rummel murder.

The market burned in 1960 and its surviving contents were auctioned off.

In 1948, another resident of 488 E. 41st St., Prentiss Lanford, was involved in a car crash that destroyed large number of records that he and two companions were transporting. One surviving disc, according to The Times, was “Road Boogie,” but whether this was Curly Rash’s “Humble Road Boogie” is undetermined.

Quote of the day: “In my type of work I don’t wear many clothes. He thought it was degrading when it is really interpretative and highly artistic.”
Flo Ash, “The Cutest Little Nudist,” during divorce proceedings against husband Pietro Gentile, operatic baritone.

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  1. What comic strip is that? it’s been bugging me for days.


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