Aug. 8, 1947: Two Years of Peace Haven’t Healed Wounds of World War II

Aug 8, 1947, L.A. Times  
Note: This is an encore post from 2005 and originally appeared on the 1947project.

L.A. Times, 1947The Times runs a picture page, taking stock of changes since the end of the war. In Nijmegen, Holland, townspeople adopt the graves of men from the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions who died taking Nijmegen Bridge.

In Essen, Germany, mothers struggle to feed their children one meal a day. At the current rate, it will take 130 years to rebuild Essen, The Times says. Elsewhere, women at the Dachau war trials hide their faces from news photographers.

On Corregidor, the jungle is overgrowing military emplacements. “The rock-strewn tunnels still hold bones of Americans,” The Times says.

And then there’s Paris, where Christian Dior is unveiling what will become known as his “New Look,” creating a terrible scandal not only because his creations use so much fabric—but because his model’s dress is unbuttoned to the waist, revealing a pink brassiere.

“The audience of sophisticates—buyers and fashion writers, many from the United States—gasped. Unbelievers, they thought the mannequin had forgotten to button up. But she tossed her head and swung slowly around.”

“The men like it, you know,” a Dior saleswoman whispered to the dubious.

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