Scotty Bowers’ Mountain of Lies — Not the Hill I Care to Die On

Full Service

Scotty Bowers’ mountain of lies is not the hill I care to die on. But be assured that he has told a mountain of lies. Have you seen even one photograph of him with one of his alleged amours? Scotty and Spencer Tracy? Scotty and Katharine Hepburn? Scotty and, well, any A-list celebrity, really? Rin-Tin-Tin? Trigger? Flipper? Nellybelle?

His book (and I refuse to waste my time on the movie) is full of lies and anachronisms: In the days before cars had air conditioning, Walter Pidgeon tools around Hollywood in the summer with the windows rolled up. A car crunches up the gravel driveway of a house that doesn’t have a driveway. Scotty hides in the closet of a bedroom that has no closets.

On and on and on.

Impressionable and naive audiences (and reporters lacking the essential skepticism of their trade) may be impressed by the old coot who tells whoppers about Hollywood in the Golden Age, but for the rest of us, life is just too short for such nonsense. See also: Kenneth Anger, Darwin Porter, E.J. Fleming, John Gilmore, and the five-foot shelf of Hollywood trash.

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5 Responses to Scotty Bowers’ Mountain of Lies — Not the Hill I Care to Die On

  1. Anne Papineau says:

    Oh, thank you. A beacon of truth shining across the trash-strewn hillock. I guess Scotty needed some kind of pension in his dotage. I’m not buying it but it’s amazing how many do.


  2. Eve says:

    My company supplied some photos for this film, and I have let everyone know exactly what I think of it (yes, the phrase “laying sack of shit” was tossed around) to the point where they’ve stopped forwarding me info about it (“for goodness sake, don’t let Eve see this!”).


  3. Eve says:

    “Lying” sack of shit. Though he probably laid a sack of shit at some point in his story.


  4. JAMES says:

    Thank you Larry! At last the voice of reason. The lonely voice of reason. While the rest of the news media is swallowing this hook, line and sinker you look at the facts. Imagine a man claiming he did a 3-way with Lana Turner and Ava Gardner and everyone swallows it without question! Not since the Hitler Dairies have I seen the gullible news media so bamboozled.


  5. Bob grubbs says:

    If his last name is Bowers it means he is a.bold faced liar


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