Black Dahlia: Who Is This Man?

Boy on Bicycle

Note: This is an encore post from 2006.

I recently obtained an original copy of The Times’ March 28, 1971, story “Farewell, My Black Dahlia,” which includes the account of the “Boy on the Bicycle.” Here’s a color picture of the purported “Bobby Jones.”

Boy on Bicycle
Here’s a better look.

You can read an exhaustive account of the “Boy on the Bicycle”







Norton Avenue, 1971, Wrong Side of Street

Bonus: Here’s the South Norton Avenue neighborhood as it was in 1971. Notice that you can see the Hollywood sign. Notice that this means the photographer shot the wrong side of the street.

South Norton Avenue, Google Street View
South Norton Avenue via Google Street View.


Shout out to:

San Francisco Public Library [ISP Redacted]

Larkspur Hospitality Co. [ISP Redacted]

Howell, N.J. [ISP Redacted]

Washington, D.C. [ISP Redacted] Windows 98? Upgrade!

Hurry back!

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  1. JAMES says:

    Looks like Ringo.


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