Black L.A. 1947: World War II Veteran Kills Wife, Commits Suicide

May 15, 1947, Mother's Day Suicide

May 15, 1947, Murder Suicide

May 15, 1947: Robert B. Hudson, 30, was “ambitious, quiet and conservative in his activities,” the Sentinel said. He was discharged from the service with the rank of staff sergeant after 27 months in the South Pacific. He and his wife, the former Jewel Ramsey, 30, a teacher at Wadsworth Avenue Elementary School, bought a house at 3513 9th Ave. and he was attending the Glover Tailoring School.

3513 Ninth Avenue

3513 Ninth Ave., via Google Street View.

The Hudsons began arguing on Saturday night, the Sentinel said, and Jewel spent the night with neighbors.

On Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, Robert called and asked her to come back.

Half an hour later, neighbors heard several blasts from a 12-gauge shotgun. Police from the University Division theorized that Robert shot Jewel when she was in the bathroom and shot her again as she was running toward the kitchen to get out the back door. Robert was found “in the closet door of the bedroom.” The shotgun was on the bed.

Jewel’s friends said Robert and Jewel “had considerable trouble because of alleged jealousy.” Robert’s friends said that he complained about all her social activities. Jewel was a graduate of Prairie View College and a member of Delta Sigma Theta and frequently took part in the sorority’s activities.

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