Black L.A., 1947: Husband Suspected of Killing Mary Tate


Feb. 27, 1947, Edgar Hayes and His Star Dusters

Feb. 27, 1947: Terry Tate, of 123 N. San Pedro Street, is arrested in the death of his wife, Mary, at 107 Weller Street, described by the Sentinel as a rooming house or hotel. Tate was strangled and beaten Jan. 18, 1947. In July, Ocar J. Hallgren was arrested in the killing, which was never solved.


Feb. 27, 1947, Terry Tate July 24, 1947, Oscar Hallgren

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2 Responses to Black L.A., 1947: Husband Suspected of Killing Mary Tate

  1. Benito says:

    Hallgren lived in Compton, which in the late 1940s was a mostly white middle class neighborhood. Residents included George and Barbara Bush!


  2. Scott says:

    Thank you for the Mary Tate update. I was very curious to know more. No “flower murder” nickname for Mary. It’s is very interesting to note that the murder site is a rooming house in February and a hotel in July. A substantial number of the small downtown “hotels” evolved into flop houses.
    The only previous notes I had on Mary Tate was killed in a rooming house so i assumed she ‘lived’ where she was murdered. (more of a Georgette Bauerdorf situation rather than a hotel tryst gone wrong)
    Hallgren was found not guilty. I am curious about the trial. I would be interested to know the what racial mix of the jury might have been. (OJ trial reversed.)
    It was a fun story to learn that Weller Street used to be called Wilmington because of the Stage Coach “races” from San Pedro as you know.


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