Jan. 16, 1947: Eleanor Roosevelt’s Driver’s License Revoked!

Jan. 16, 1947, Abbie an' Slats

Note: This is a post I wrote in 2006 for the 1947project.

I never cease to be amazed at the placement of this story on Page 1 of The Times. While the major competing newspapers—the Examiner, Herald-Express and Daily News—are leading with the Jan. 15 murder of Elizabeth Short, The Times plays the story inside, proving once again that it considered itself the city’s family paper.

Jan. 16, 1947, Times Front Page


Bonus factoids: American Airlines is $9, unchanged; American Telephone and Telegraph is $170 7/8, down 1/8; General Motors is 53 ½, down ½; IBM is $212, unchanged; Phillips Petroleum is $54, up $1; Studebaker is $19 5/8, down 1/2.

Quote of the day: “The muffin man is out of date,
For him you’ve no more need,
For Joy Makes perfect muffins
With the utmost ease and speed.”

Joy Muffin Mix, corn or early American. Try Joy Popover Mix as a delightful change from bread and rolls.

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  1. Eve says:

    . . . and the new editor of “21st Century” responds to rejection e-mails and “yes, we’d love you to edit our website for free . . .”


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