Another Good Story Ruined: Vintage Los Angeles and a Woolworth’s Lunch Counter

Vintage Los Angeles

No. This is not a picture of the longest lunch counter in the world at the Woolworth’s in downtown Los Angeles.


This is a file photo published by the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot in 2010 on the 50th anniversary of lunch counter sit-ins. Notice all the black people at the lunch counter who aren’t being served.

Do your homework, folks. This is ridiculous.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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2 Responses to Another Good Story Ruined: Vintage Los Angeles and a Woolworth’s Lunch Counter

  1. aryedirect says:

    L.A. used to stand in for everywhere else. I guess that includes the vile history racism.


  2. Peter Gomez says:

    MLK day today, 2021, of MLK’s trips to Los Angeles and read Woolworth boycott. My aunt who was born and raised (1950s+) in L.A. is my sound board if true or false. So read the 431 S. Broadway address and thought let’s see if this Woolworth was boycott sometime past. See the caption and photo and I know enough this is not right. And yes, some other’s city on the East Coast with a Woolworth sit-in at their long counter. What incited me today was the 2nd Baptist Church that MLK visited in the past was listed a mile away from the USC campus (which I once attended). When actually it’s a stretch more, beyond two miles. My family as in grand parents were all settled in the area they refer to as South LA, back 1915-20/late 30s. From Mateo, 7th Ave, Hoover to Adams. A unique square of multi races of an old Los Angeles that had a multitude of houses eventually razed for warehouses and freeways. The Homeless are currently settled in some main areas where there is no housing besides apartment buildings. I can only hope more progress for these people being sheltered and that affordable housing becomes possible to my old LA.

    Fulfill the Dream!


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