Bastille Day 1889: Los Angeles Celebrates Centennial of French Liberty

Bastille Day Centennial, 1889

July 16, 1889: the Los Angeles Times uses drawings to illustrate reports on the centennial celebration of Bastille Day in Los Angeles.

Bastille Day in Los Angeles, 1889


The streets through which the procession was to pass had been handsomely decorated, those in the French quarter being especially elaborate, and almost every house had the stars and strips and the tri-color of France displayed side by side.At the corner of Aliso and Alameda streets, from which point the procession was to start, a large banner was suspended across the street, bearing the inscription “Centennaire Republique Francaise, 1789-1889, Liberte.”



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1 Response to Bastille Day 1889: Los Angeles Celebrates Centennial of French Liberty

  1. Benito says:

    The Bastille guards surrendered in exchange for a promise of safety. They were then killed anyway. The Swiss Guards at the palace were torn to pieces by an angry mob. I like our Independence Day better. Everyone just signed off on a 1page statement…


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