Black Dahlia: Random Old Crap Listed as ‘Black Dahlia Clone’


I’m continually surprised by the ingenuity of some EBay vendors in stretching to impossible lengths to find a link to the Black Dahlia case

The vendor in question has listed some random old flea market find as “Beautiful raven haired beauty, with an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Short–Black Dahlia.” And it can be yours for only $14.

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1 Response to Black Dahlia: Random Old Crap Listed as ‘Black Dahlia Clone’

  1. mandymarie20 says:

    I can see why they used that to sell the photo. She does have a slight resemblance, but every girl with straight brows and dark hair is not the Black Dahlia. I wonder if this was someone familiar with the Black Dahlia story or just how the photo was advertised at the store they bought it from so they used it too or someone who just did a Google search to try to identify the woman and Black Dahlia information popped up. It could be a distant relative, but the odds on that would be astonishing.


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