Eve Golden’s YouTube Theater: Does 1971 Count As An ‘Old Movie?’

The Boy Friend
A scene from The Boy Friend.

Note: Eve has discontinued her YouTube Theater, but has consented to have me post the entries she has already written.

I hope so, because this is one of my half-dozen very favorite movie musical numbers. Ken Russell was one of those love-him-or-hate-him directors, and I must admit I do hate several of his films. But how I love The Boy Friend, which could have gone so horribly wrong! And, okay, some people think it did.

But who knew Twiggy could act and sing and dance? And what a supporting cast: gorgeous Christopher Gable, jaw-dropping Tommy Tune, oddly sexy Vladek Sheybal as Hollywood director De Thrill, British national treasure Barbara Windsor, cat-faced Antonia Ellis as an evil chorine. And besides director Russell, one has to give a nod to cinematographer David Watkin, production designers Tony Walton and Ian Whittaker, and costumer designer Shirley Russell.


Of all the numbers, my favorite is the visually stunning (and creepy) “Poor Little Pierette,” which I’d kill to see on the big screen. The visuals were obviously inspired by 1920s Vanity Fair covers by Erté, George Plank, William Bolin, Georges Lepape and Paul Iribe.

Turn out the lights, put this on the largest screen you have, and sit back and enjoy:

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