Daily Mirror Christmas Buying Guide: Scary Clown Clock to Terrify Baby Boomers


Photo of the Abbotwares Bozo clock via EBay.

If you are tired of misty-eyed Baby Boomer nostalgia, this may be for you.

I have written before about Abbotwares radios (often rendered as Abbotware). You may recall “Atwater Kent’s Love Child From a Drunken Night in a Trophy Shop.”

Thank goodness I didn’t know about this when I was a kid. Nightmare City!

Maybe you thought the Abbotwares’ Jimmy Durante piece was stunning.

The Abbotwares Bozo is listed as Buy It Now for $359.99.  As with anything on EBay, an item and vendor should be evaluated thoroughly before submitting a bid.

Wow. Just wow.

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3 Responses to Daily Mirror Christmas Buying Guide: Scary Clown Clock to Terrify Baby Boomers

  1. The idea of decorative items showing current movie stars is so bizarre. I have some Oneida spoons with silent film stars on the handles. They’re fantastic now, but I can’t imagine purposely buying a spoon today with, say, Brad Pitt’s face on it.


    • mandymarie20 says:

      I agree. I’m not sure if it’s the stars were better or we are just too close to our modern celebrities to see their possible timelessness. I personally have trouble finding many talented actors today, let alone timeless ones. Unfortunately Brad Pitt is probably going to be considered timeless because he has been a leading man for many years even though I find him wooden and painful to watch. Even the modern standard of beauty don’t seem timeless to me, but maybe in a few decades we will be nostalgic for today. Basically anything post-1970 doesn’t seem iconic or special enough to me.


  2. Eve says:

    Still not as scary as Pier Angeli’s demonic dog.


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