Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

April 9, 2016, Mystery Photo
This week’s mystery movie has been “Die Buchse der Pandora” or “Pandora’s Box,”  the 1929 Nero film directed by Georg Wilhelm Pabst from a screenplay by Ladislaus Vajda, photographed by Gunther Krampf, with Louise Brooks, Fritz Kortner, Franz Lederer, Carl Goez, Krafft-Raschig, Alice Roberts, Daisy d’Ora, Gustav Diessl, Michael v. Newlinsky and Siegfried Arno.

The earliest showing I can find in Los Angeles is a 1962 revival at UCLA in which “Pandora’s Box” was screened in a series with “Fires on the Plain,” “The Cousins,” “Sunset Boulevard” and “M.” The earliest screening I can find in New York is a 1959 showing at the High School of Fashion Industries auditorium.

The movie is available in a Criterion Collection edition.

April 4, 2016, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a mystery gent.

Update: This is Gustav Diessl.

Note: I have been adjusting various settings on the blog related to reading, commenting, following, etc. after a troubling wave of interest from Russian spammers. If you couldn’t comment yesterday, try again today.


April 5, 2016, Mystery Photo



And for Tuesday, we have a mystery woman.


Google image search will be no help whatsoever.

Update: This is Daisy d’Ora.

Brain Trust roll call: Anne Papineau (Monday’s mystery guest), Floyd Thursby (mystery movie, Monday’s mystery guest), Krystyna Tuzen (mystery movie and Monday’s mystery guest), Amy Condit (mystery movie, Monday’s mystery guest) and Bob Hansen (mystery movie, Monday’s mystery guest).

April 6, 2016, Mystery Photo

I simply cannot resist two mystery gents in newsboy hats.


And as before, Google image search will be of no use. Although it forced me to scrap the mystery guest I originally planned for today.

Update: These gents are Michael Von Newlinsky and Franz Lederer.

Brain Trust roll call: Anne Papineau (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest).

April 7, 2016, Mystery Photo

And for Thursday, we have a mystery gent with a monocle.

Update: This is Fritz Kortner and Franz Lederer

Not mystery guest

And Google image search will be of no use – although I had to throw out a couple of other images before finding this one. Suffice it to say that this is not William Powell, Peter Lorre, Joseph Cotten or Frank Sinatra.

Brain Trust roll call: Sheila (mystery movie and mystery guests), Mike Hawks (Wednesday’s mystery guest) and Anne Papineau (Wednesday’s mystery guests).


April 8, 2016, Mystery Photo

And for Friday….

Update: Louise Brooks.

Brain Trust roll call: Mike Hawks (mystery movie and Thursday’s mystery gent), Patrick (Thursday’s mystery gent/wrong movie), Howard Mandelbaum (mystery movie with mystery guests) and Anne Papineau (Thursday’s mystery guest).

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40 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Gustav Diessl in “Pandora’s Box.”


  2. amycondit says:

    Is it Gustav Diessl in “Pandora’s Box”?


  3. skretvedt1958 says:

    Looks like silent-era Conrad Veidt.


  4. Bob Hansen says:

    The movie is Pandora’s Box from 1928 starring Louise Brooks, and this guy played a sort of Jack the Ripper. I don’t know the actor’s name though! Francis Lederer was in it too.


  5. David Inman says:

    Joan Bennett today?


  6. Anne Papineau says:

    Daisy D’Ora in Pandora’s Box


  7. Mary Mallory says:

    I love that Google Images thinks that the late Antonin Scalia is visually similar to the image.


  8. Sheila says:

    Gustav Diessl, Daisy D’Ora, Franz Lederer in ‘Pandora’s Box’?


  9. Mike Hawks says:

    Francis Lederer at left.


  10. David Inman says:

    Ann Harding! (For Tuesday, I mean.)


  11. Anne Papineau says:

    On Wednesday, I’ll say Francis Lederer and Michael von Newlinsky


  12. Mary Mallory says:

    Cagney today, with what looks like the back of William Wellman’s head.


  13. Mike Hawks says:

    Fritz Kortner with Francis in PANDORA’S BOX. Guess I had not seen this in a long time.


  14. Patrick says:

    Thursday = Fritz Kortner in “Three Loves” from 1929.


  15. mandymarie20 says:

    Thursday looks like James Cagney to me


  16. “Pandora’s Box”
    Monday: Gustav Diessl
    Tuesday: Dasiy D’Ora
    Wednesday: Michael Von Newlinsky & Frances Lederer
    Thursday: Fritz Kortner & Frances Lederer


  17. Anne Papineau says:

    Fritz Kortner sporting a monocle.


  18. Candy Cassell says:

    Hello Larry, Could the mystery gentleman on the right, in the jaunty bow tie and tweeds, be a young Melvyn Douglas? (His companion reminds me of Tyrone Power, but I doubt you would feature him on a Wednesday.)


  19. Mary Mallory says:

    Louise Brooks and DIARY OF A LOST GIRL. Is that why you were answering in German yesterday?.


  20. Anne Papineau says:

    Our Miss Brooks


  21. Benito says:

    Louise Brooks in PANDORA’S BOX. PS she was only 5 ft 2?


  22. McDee says:

    Louise Brooks on Friday


  23. Don Danard says:

    Louise Brooks today.


  24. Mike Hawks says:

    Looks like Louise Brooks is causing trouble again.


  25. beachgal says:

    Friday looks like Louis Brooks


  26. Gary Martin says:

    It’s either Louise Brooks or an actress in a Louise Brooks wig.


  27. mandymarie20 says:

    I should have gotten the hint from the response in German to my guess yesterday. Today is Louise Brooks. From the infamous Pandora’s Box I imagine.


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