In Memory of Elizabeth Short

Over the years that I have been researching the Black Dahlia case, I have seen Elizabeth Short remembered in all sorts of ways. Some people buy “Justice for Beth” buttons on EBay. Others leave cigarettes and bottles of liquor at her grave — although she had asthma and didn’t smoke, and rarely drank.

Instead, I encourage people to make a donation in her name to a charity that works with homeless or abused women. My preferred organization is Heading Home, which helps the homeless in the Boston area. But truly, a donation to any organization that works with women who are homeless or victims of violence is a better way to honor her memory.

I’m sending off my check today. I hope you will too.

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I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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7 Responses to In Memory of Elizabeth Short

  1. Tony Valdez says:

    Thank you Larry. I just made a contribution.


  2. Cool. I’ve been meaning to get together a bunch of toiletries and clothes I have lying around and donate them to a women’s shelter, and I’d not gotten to it yet, but you inspired me too, Larry. I’ll make sure to get that stuff into the right hands, for Elizabeth.


  3. mandymarie20 says:

    Just giving you a warning about another possible upcoming evaluation of the Black Dahlia. The upcoming season premiere of the ghost hunting show ‘Ghost Adventures’ is investigating ‘The Black Dahlia House’. I’m not sure what they are investigating since there isn’t much information about the episode yet. Since we don’t know where she died, I’m not sure if it is a house near where she was found, the Hodel house which his son claims is the murder house, or some other house. Who knows? I can only just imagine the possible errors that can occur with ghosts and mediums, even though I enjoy the show personally as entertainment – not for historic authenticity. They do an o.k. job concerning history for regular people, but as a history buff, they usually have a conclusion and try to make the facts fit it, which is frustrating. That’s not how history works. You have to present everything and make a conclusion based on all the facts – not just the facts that fit your narrative. But then, I don’t watch the show for facts.

    If you need the link, here is the Travel Channels info about it:


    • lmharnisch says:

      Thanks….. I wonder if this is a retread of the episode from several years ago, when Steve Hodel and Paul Dostie turned Buster the Wonder Dog loose at the Sowden House.


      • mandymarie20 says:

        I watched the special and no surprise – in walks Steve Hodel and they are at the Sowdon House. Of course there was a seance and George Hodel ‘attacks’. There is allegedly a girl whom he killed named ‘Penny’ whose spirit they supposedly freed. And of course, the basement is full of death, torture and skeletons according to the show. It was hard not to yell at the screen. The conclusions jumped to and steps skipped in order to make a pre-conceived conclusions were frustrating. The basement, the room they held the seance and bathroom seemed to be the most ‘haunted’. Oh, and of course, Dr George was still bisected girls in the bathtub as a ghost.


      • lmharnisch says:

        I forgot to watch. Darn.


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