One Door Closes, Another One Opens

The Great Escape

Dear friends,

I left the Los Angeles Times on Friday as one of the people taking the buyout. It was a generous offer and I plan to use the next year as a sort of paid leave to work on the Dahlia book. This means I won’t be writing daily items other than the mystery photos and an occasional post as the spirit moves me. Although the “Laura” project remains unfinished, I have a few more posts “on the clock” for January and I plan to let them go live, although I won’t be writing any more of them. Mary Mallory will be continuing her popular Hollywood Heights features as usual.

Note: Yes, I know Steve McQueen was ultimately unsuccessful in “The Great Escape,” but this is still one of my favorite scenes.

About lmharnisch

I am retired from the Los Angeles Times
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20 Responses to One Door Closes, Another One Opens

  1. Sarah says:

    Congratulations. Enjoy your new life. Wishing you all the best!


  2. Jean Barstow says:

    Good luck to you! Especially when taking the “high roads.”


  3. Congratulations! on your decision to leave the LA Times. As a reader of the times for almost 70 years, it is a timely move. Sadly, the newspaper as a vehicle to find the truth has met the “sound bite” generation head on and has lost the fight. Your efforts to seek the truth are still valued and we hope you will continue on with the same enthusiasm, sans the editorial restrictions. Best, Anthony


  4. aryedirect says:

    The very best to you Larry. Thanks for letting us in to your electronic sandbox. It has been great fun and as it simultaneously expanded our knowledge.


  5. Benito says:



  6. E. Yarber says:

    Good luck. There’s a sense of security working for a large organization, but whatever you do for them stays under their umbrella. Sometimes you have to trust your writing enough to set up your own shingle, as it were.

    I’ve certainly enjoyed your pieces here and look forward to your book. Will continue to fumble answers about the mystery photos.


  7. Lee Rivas says:

    Nowhere did you write that you wouldn’t be returning. Please do. “I’ll leave the light on for you. “because you will be missed.


  8. Eve says:

    So depressing–I know several people leaving the LAT, and I have panicked associates at the NYT, too, as well as in the magazine world. My own resume might as well have been written in 1915.

    I hate this stupid century, I feel more and more like Norma Desmond every day.


  9. Anne Papineau says:

    Absolute best of luck to you in every possible way. I have been working in newspapers since 1976 and the more recent developments in the industry have been mostly gruesome.
    Your online work is hugely appreciated. And I so look forward to delving into your Black Dahlia tome.
    Ah, Steve McQueen, essence of cool.


  10. Doug says:

    Hate to see you go. A good friend of mine also named Larry with ties to Southern California is in the same situation up here in the Pacific Northwest at the Tacoma News Tribune. His last day is Friday after 27 years there as the Mariners beat writer and the Page 3 general assignment columnist. Best Wishes Larry


  11. la peregrina says:

    Good Luck and looking forward to your book. It will be nice to read a book about the Black Dahlia case written by someone who’s only agenda is to get to the truth.


  12. Earl Boebert says:

    Good move, and good luck with it. But I should warn you of one trap of retirement: because you’re doing something you like, you may end up working harder than you ever did for a salary 🙂


  13. Gary Martin says:

    I heartily recommend retirement. The hardest part is to overcome your guilt at doing little or doing nothing, Once over that, it is wonderful! The best!!!


  14. Sam Flowers says:

    As a retiree for the last 17 years I will tell you now, You will be busier than ever, and wonder why you didn’t do this long ago.. I expect to see more books after Dahlia from you. Best of luck to you.


  15. mandymarie20 says:

    I miss a week and so much happens! Congratulations on starting a new chapter in your life. Can’t wait to see the book.


  16. William Desmond Taylor says:

    What a surprise. Very glad for you and your book –and for many future books to come! All the very best!

    As a LA Times reader since the mid 60’s, sad for us readers, sorry to have to say.


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