Dalton Trumbo Praised by Hedda Hopper!

Trumbo, Bryan Cranston, Helen Mirren, Diane Lane

When I was doing the Daily Mirror at latimes.com, I wrote several posts on Dalton Trumbo, the subject of the new movie starring Bryan Cranston as the blacklisted screenwriter.

Here are some links:

Hedda Hopper praises Dalton Trumbo for “Kitty Foyle,” Feb. 3, 1941

James Cagney is negotiating with RCA Victor over rights to his monologue recordings of “Johnny Got His Gun,” Jimmie Fidler,   April 15, 1940.

Jimmie Fidler on Dalton Trumbo earning more money from Hollywood than from “Johnny Got His Gun,”
Jan. 13, 1941.

Christmas 1950 in Prison With Dalton Trumbo, March 2, 1974.

Paul Coates — Another Claimant to ‘Brave’ Oscar, Jan. 22, 1959.

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3 Responses to Dalton Trumbo Praised by Hedda Hopper!

  1. A heinous, self-righteous era that we pray does not happen again, but this time for relativism and political correctness.


  2. Larry Platt says:

    The New York Times gave the Trumbo movie a lukewarm review; whereas the Los Angeles Times loved it. Go figure.


  3. aryedirect says:

    Met Trumbo several times while he was making his film version of ‘Johnny’. By then, he was angrily bitter. The government had turned a brilliant writer into something much smaller. He was also a chain smoker and his clothes reeked of pot. There may never have been anything as un-American as HUAC.


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