Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)


Sept. 12, 2015, Small Town Girl

Sept. 12, 2015, Small Town Girl
This week’s mystery movie was the 1936 MGM picture “Small Town Girl,” starring Janet Gaynor and Robert Taylor. It featured Binnie Barnes, Andy Devine, Lewis Stone, Elizabeth Patterson, Frank Craven and James Stewart. It was directed by William A. Wellman,  with a script by John Lee Mahin, Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett and Edith Fitzgerald from the book by Ben Ames Williams.

I chose it because I wanted to do a film edited by Blanche Sewell and most of her films are too well known to be a mystery movie.

Portions of the film were shot on the Monterey Peninsula and the crew set up its headquarters at Carmel, according to the Los Angeles Times. It opened in Los Angeles at Loew’s State and Grauman’s Chinese theaters on April 24, 1936, on a bill with “Charlie Chan at the Circus.” Edwin Schallert  of The Timesc alled it one of Gaynor’s best pictures.

MGM’s 1953 remake with Farley Granger and  Jane Powell is available on DVD. The 1936 version is not, as far as I can tell.

Sept. 7, 2015, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a mystery gentleman.

Update: This is Willie Fung.



Sept. 8, 2015, Mystery Photo

And for Tuesday, we have a mystery guest making a phone call.

Update: This is George Meeker.

Please congratulate Patrice Roe (mystery guest), Howard Mandelbaum (mystery guest/wrong movie),  Suzanne Annette Stone (mystery guest), Tim Doherty (mystery guest), Eve Golden (mystery guest), Don Danard (mystery guest) Anne Papineau (mystery guest), Jenny M (mystery guest), Earl Boebert (mystery guest/wrong movie), Bob Hansen (mystery guest), Sheila (mystery guest), Mary Mallory (mystery guest) and Mike Hawks (mystery guest).

Benito, my friend, your answer is a bit too vague, alas.

Sept. 9, 2015, Mystery Photo


For Wednesday, we have a mystery child.

Update: This is Joan Russell.

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest), Jenny M (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest), Howard Mandelbaum (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery guest), Mike Hawks (Tuesday’s mystery guest, wrong movie), David Inman (Monday’s mystery guest), Lee Ann Thom and Megan (Tuesday’s mystery guest) and Sheila (Tuesday’s mystery guest).

Sept. 10, 2015, Mystery Movie


And for Thursday, we have a mystery gent in a sweater.

Update: This is Frank Craven.

Please congratulate Mike Hawks (mystery movie, mystery child), Mary Mallory (mystery child), Howard Mandelbaum (mystery child) and Sheila (mystery movie and mystery child).

Let’s do something different: Who should be our Friday mystery guest?

Should it be J.G.? R.T.? A.D.? L.S.? or J.S.? Or all of them?

Sept. 11, 2015, Mystery Photo


And for Friday – as requested – we have our mystery leading lady with a non-mystery guest.

Update: Janet Gaynor and Andy Devine.

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (Thursday’s mystery guest), Julie Merholz (mystery movie and mystery guests), Mike Hawks (Thursday’s mystery guest), Chrisbo (mystery movie and mystery guests), Valley Dave (mystery movie and guests), Howard Mandelbaum (Thursday’s mystery guest), Don Danard (Thursday’s mystery guest), Lee Ann, Thom and Megan (mystery movie and mystery guests) and Bob Hansen (Thursday’s mystery guest).

Sept. 11, 2015, Mystery Photo

And here’s our mystery leading lady with another non-mystery guest.

Update: James Stewart towers over Janet Gaynor in this scene.

Sept. 11, 2015, Mystery Photo
And finally — as requested — here’s our non-mystery leading lady with our non-mystery leading man.

Update: Janet Gaynor and Robert Taylor.

Happy Friday!

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63 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Willy Fung.


  2. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    We’ll learn later in the week if the uniform’s nautical insignia points to “China Seas.”


  3. Willie Fung! He always laughed in his many movie roles.


  4. Tim Doherty says:

    Willie Fung?


  5. Eve says:

    Is that the wonderful Willie Fung? If so, I love him! he could give terrific performances on the few occasions he was given the opportunity.


  6. Don Danard says:

    Today it’s Willie Fung.


  7. Anne Papineau says:

    Willie Fung


  8. Jenny M says:

    Willie Fung


  9. Benito says:

    Don’t know his name, but this gent often works in the kitchen, shouts in Chinese and wields a cleaver


  10. Earl Boebert says:

    Willie Fung in “The Stowaway?”


  11. Bob Hansen says:

    I’m strictly doing these from memory, so bear with me if I’m way off. Is this man’s name Willie Fong?


  12. Sheila says:

    Willie Fung.


  13. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Just got back from Cinecon 2015. Our man is Willie Fung.


  14. Mary Mallory says:

    George Meeker and OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF CHINA?


  15. Jenny M says:

    George Meeker in Small Town Girl.


  16. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    George Meeker in “Small Town Girl.”


  17. Chrisbo says:

    Lee Tung Foo Monday, and a youngish Jerome Cowan on Tuesday?


  18. MIKE HAWKS says:

    George Meeker in OIL FOR THE LAMPS OF CHINA.


  19. Don Danard says:

    Today it looks like a young James Craven.


  20. David Inman says:

    Willie Fung on Monday.


  21. beachgal says:

    Tues looks like Doug Fairbanks Jr – but that would be too easy for a Tues.


  22. Lee Ann, Thom, and Megan says:

    Tuesday’s gent is George Meeker.


  23. Sheila says:

    George Meeker.


  24. Ed says:

    Monday is Lee Tung Foo


  25. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Joan Russell in SMALL TOWN GIRL.


  26. Mary Mallory says:

    Joan Russell today?


  27. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Joan Russell.


  28. Sheila says:

    Joan Russell, ‘Small Town Girl’?


  29. Sheila says:

    Frank Craven.


  30. Mary Mallory says:

    Frank Craven today (didn’t we have him just a couple of months age?). I’d say Janet and Robert.


  31. juliemerholz says:

    Frank Craven


  32. juliemerholz says:

    Small Town Girl 1936, with Willie Fung, Janet Gaynor, Robert Taylor, Binnie Barnes, Andy Devine, Lewis Stone, James Stewart, etc.


  33. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Frank Craven looking a bit smug.


  34. Chrisbo says:

    Frank Craven Thursday.


  35. ValleyDave says:

    Your clue with the initials was invaluable. For a while I thought J. G. was a male.
    Monday: Willie Fung, Wednesday: Probably Joan Russell, Thursday: Frank
    Craven. Movie is “Small Town Girl.” For Friday, I vote for Andy Devine.


  36. Howard Mandelbaum says:

    Frank Craven.


  37. Don Danard says:

    The smug looking chap wearing the sweater is Frank Craven


  38. Lee Ann, Thom, and Megan says:

    Small Town Girl with Willie Fung for Monday, and Frank Craven for Thursday.


  39. Bob Hansen says:

    Thursday’s gentleman is Frank Craven.


  40. Dan Nather says:

    My movie sense told me “Warner Brothers” from the start. Monday’s photo told me at least part of the film took place on a ship (the anchors on the ship steward’s lapels), even though I didn’t recognize the actor. Didn’t recognize the actor in Tuesday’s photo, but it indicated a hospital/doctor’s office setting. Wednesday, I thought I recognized Cora Sue Collins, and mused “I’ve seen this movie, but . . . ” Thursday, I definitely recognized Hobart Cavanaugh (whom I often confuse with Hobart Bosworth), so now I have to guess . . . MARY STEPHENS, M.D.?


  41. Anne Papineau says:

    Mystery sweater-wearer, Frank Craven in “Small Town Girl?”


  42. Mary Mallory says:

    Janet Gaynor with Andy Devine, Jimmy Stewart, and Robert Taylor.


  43. juliemerholz says:

    I don’t think I would have recognized Robert Taylor from the picture you have of him.


  44. beachgal says:

    Monday’s guest is Willie Fung


  45. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Janet Gaynor, Andy Devine, James Stewart, Beulah Bondi and Robert Taylor round out the cast.


  46. Benito says:

    Janet Gaynor in SMALL TOWN GIRL [1936]. More importantly, Monday’s gent is comic relief expert Willie Fung, who unfortunately left us at age 49.


  47. Dan Nather says:

    Oh my gosh! It’s SMALL TOWN GIRL (1936), a film I’ve never seen in its entirety. Robert Taylor, Janet Gaynor, Jimmy Stewart, Frank Craven (how did I miss him?), Andy Devine, et al — and an MGM film to boot! Man, this was a toughie . . .


  48. Patrick says:

    By the process of elimination, L. S. must be Lewis Stone.


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