Black Dahlia: Will Fowler on South Norton Avenue, October 1996

Aug. 3, 2015, Will Fowler

As I mentioned previously, I am slowly digitizing my Black Dahlia files. Here’s a frame grab from a video I shot of Will Fowler on South Norton Avenue in October 1996. Like many people who have written about the killing of Elizabeth Short, Will could not resist the temptation to embellish the facts.

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4 Responses to Black Dahlia: Will Fowler on South Norton Avenue, October 1996

  1. Gene Kennedy says:

    I interviewed Will Fowler shortly before his death. The black Dahlia murder was just one of the stories we discussed. He happens to be my cousin on my grandmother’s side. He was a fascinating man.


  2. John says:

    I knew Will. How did he embellish? He either showed up first or he didn’t. I believe he did, and his accompanying photographer confirmed this.


    • lmharnisch says:

      Will Fowler was a drunk and a lying SOB and if you knew him even superficially you would know that. I treated Will as a friend (I was one of the few friends he had left, since he fought with just about everybody) and he told me nothing but lies. He lied to everyone. He lied all the time. About everything.


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