Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)


This week’s mystery movie has been the 1966 Czech film “Closely Watched Trains,” which won the Academy Award for foreign film in 1968. It was directed by Jiri Menzel and written by Menzel and Bohumil Hrabal from a novel by Hrabal. It was released on DVD by the Criterion Collection.

Part 1, via Dailymotion.
Part 2, via Dailymotion.

June 1, 2015, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a mystery woman.

Update: This is Jitka Scoffin.

June 2, 2015, Mystery Photo

And for Tuesday, we have another mystery woman.

Update: This is Jitka Zelenohorská.

June 3, 2015, Mystery Photo

For Wednesday, we have a mystery guest with a mystery bird on his head.

Update: This is Vladimír Valenta.

Please congratulate Patrick for identifying our mystery film and mystery guests and Dan Nather for correctly identifying the era.

June 4, 2015, Mystery Photo

It looks like Tuesday’s mystery woman has found a friend.


Here’s another picture of our mystery friend.

Update: This is Josef Somr.

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (mystery era), Benito (mystery movie and mystery women) and Patrick (Wednesday’s mystery guest).

June 5, 2015, Mystery Photo
For Friday, here is our leading man…

June 5, 2015, Mystery Photo

… who has just done something aggravating to a train.

And this is Václav Neckár

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (mystery movie), Mike Hawks (mystery movie and guests), dlhartzog (mystery movie), Patrick (Thursday’s mystery guest) and Jenny M (mystery movie). Partial credit to Diane Ely for when (but not where) the movie was made. It’s a period piece with some anachronisms.

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27 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Gary Martin says:

    Heather Sears in Dry Rot , or is that Dryrot?


  2. Jenny M says:

    Heather Sears


  3. Bobby Sulecki says:

    Mitzi Green!


  4. Anne Jackson, wife of Eli Wallach?


  5. Patrick says:

    Jitka Bendova and Jitka Zelenohorska in Closely Watched Trains from 1966.


  6. Dan Nather says:

    My movie sense says “probably from the ’60s,” but beyond that, I’m drawing a blank . . .


  7. Mary Mallory says:

    it looks like the 1960s, but I didn’t know that was something we could guess.


  8. Benito says:

    Tuesday’s pretty girl is Jitka Zelenohorska in CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS [1966]. The insignias on Mon and Wed were the giveaway. ps She’d make a good Jackie O.


  9. Patrick says:

    Wednesday = Vladimir Valenta


  10. Mary Mallory says:



  11. MIKE HAWKS says:

    CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS with Vaclav Neckar and Jitka Bendova.


  12. Pat van Hartesveldt says:

    Thursday: Peter Sellers?


  13. dlhartzog says:

    Closely Watched Trains


  14. Patrick says:

    Thursday = Jitka Zelenohorska with Josef Somr and Josef Somr alone.


  15. Jenny M says:

    Movie. Is Closely Watched Trains.


  16. Diane Ely says:

    The Monday & Tuesday mystery women look like they’re in 1960’s Swinging London.


  17. Floyd Thursby says:

    “Closely Watched Trains”


  18. Patrick says:

    Friday = Vaclav Neckar


  19. mandymarie20 says:

    I never would have guessed this one. I need to watch more international films!


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