Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

May 30, 2015, Mystery Photo

This week’s mystery movie was the 1930-31 Warner Bros. pre-code film “Illicit,” starring Barbara Stanwyck (Friday’s mystery woman) with James Rennie (Thursday’s mystery chap), Ricardo Cortez (not shown), Natalie Moorhead (Tuesday’s mystery woman), Charles Butterworth (Wednesday’s mystery chap), Joan Blondell (Friday’s mystery woman) and Claude Gillingwater.

The film was directed by Archie Mayo, with a script by Harvey Thew, whose next picture was “The Public Enemy.”  The script was adapted from the 1930 Broadway play “Many a Slip” by Edith Fitzgerald and Robert Riskin. “Illicit” was photographed by Robert Kurrle with wardrobe by Earl Luick.

St. Petersburg Times, March 21, 1931.
“Illicit” star Barbara Stanwyck is a strong advocate of marriage, St. Petersburg Times, March 21, 1931.

Note that imdb gives the date of 1931, while the print gives the copyright date of 1930. It was in production in September 1930 and released in Los Angeles in February 1931.  Edwin Schallert of The Times wrote (Jan. 18, 1931) “Marriage versus free love receives interpretation in ‘Illicit’ — a picture which judging by all past precedents, is due for a popular reign, even though it may not pass the censors in all localities.”

The DVD is available from Warner Archive packaged with “Girl Missing.”

May 25, 2015, Mystery Photo

For Monday, we have a formally dressed gent.

Update: This is Claude Gillingwater.


May 26, 2015, Mystery Photo

And for Tuesday, we have a quite elegant mystery woman.

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (mystery chap), Mike Hawks (mystery chap), Rick (mystery movie and cast) and Stanhope1929 (mystery guest).

May 27, 2015, Mystery Photo

Here’s another image of Tuesday’s mystery woman that’s a bit clearer.

Update: This is Natalie Moorhead.

May 27, 2015, Mystery Photo

Wednesday’s mystery fellow seems to have been drinking to excess.

Update: This is Charles Butterworth.

Please congratulate Mike Hawks (mystery movie and Tuesday’s mystery woman) and Julie Merholz (mystery movie and cast).

May 28, 2015, Mystery Photo
For Thursday, our leading man seems to have gotten some upsetting news.

This is James Rennie, who subsequently appeared more on Broadway than in films.

May 28, 2015, Mystery photo

And here’s a bonus mystery gent. He isn’t listed in the imdb credits for our mystery film and I have no idea who he is.

Our mystery valet remains unidentified.

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (mystery movie and Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s mystery guests), Sheila (all mystery guests), Jenny M (Wednesday’s mystery tippler), Don Danard (Wednesday’s mystery tippler), Rick (Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s mystery guests), Mike Hawks (Wednesday’s tipsy fellow), Floyd Thursby (Wednesday’s mystery sot),  LC (Wednesday’s mystery intoxicated gent), Bob Hansen (Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s mystery guests) and Dewey Webb (Wednesday’s mystery guest).

May 29, 2015, Mystery Photo

For Friday, two (entirely not) mystery women.

Update: This is Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall in a little-known dream sequence from “Laverne & Shirley.”

Please congratulate Mary Mallory (Thursday’s mystery gent), Mike Hawks (Thursday’s mystery gent) and Benito (Wednesday’s mystery tippler.)

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33 Responses to Movieland Mystery Photo (Updated + + + +)

  1. Mary Mallory says:

    Claude Gillingwater.


  2. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Claude Gillingwater.


  3. Rick says:

    Claude Gillingwater – Illicit (1931) – Barbara Stanwyck, James Rennie, Ricardo Cortez


  4. stanhope1929 says:

    Claude Gillingwater, Sr., who was often in Shirley Temple films…?


  5. stanhope1929 says:

    I think this is Claude Gillingwater Sr.


  6. stanhope1929 says:

    G-d Bless Him…. His style was “Classic Curmudgeon with Heart of Gold”


  7. aryedirect says:

    At first, I thought I knew who it was. Then I realized it wasn’t possible. Now I know it is not Eric Idle. Well, that eliminates at least one of seven billion possibilities…


  8. Mary Mallory says:

    Gertrude Niesen and TOP OF THE TOWN.


  9. Mary Mallory says:

    Then Claire Dodd and ANN CARVER’S PROFESSION. You need the + sign today.


  10. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Natalie Moorhead in ILLICIT 1931.


  11. juliemerholz says:

    Illicit 1931


  12. juliemerholz says:

    Claude Gillingwater, Natalie Moorhead, Barbara Stanwyck, James Rennie, Ricardo Cortez, Charles Butterworth, Joan Blondell,


  13. Mary Mallory says:

    Natalie Moorhead yesterday, Charlie Butterworth today, and ILLICIT.


  14. Sheila says:

    Claude Gillingwater, Natalie Moorhead and Charles Butterworth


  15. Jenny M says:

    Charles Butterworth


  16. Don Danard says:

    Today, it’s Charles Butterworth.


  17. Rick says:

    Natalie Moorhead and Charles Butterworth


  18. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Charles Butterworth seems alert as ever.


  19. Floyd Thursby says:

    Looks like Charles Butterworth for Wednesday.


  20. LC says:

    Charles Butterworth


  21. Bob Hansen says:

    Is Tuesday’s woman Natalie Moorhead? Wednesday’s gentleman is Charles Butterworth.


  22. Dewey Webb says:

    Natalie Moorhrhead


  23. Mary Mallory says:

    James Rennie today.


  24. MIKE HAWKS says:

    James Rennie ponders who he is going to call.


  25. Benito says:

    Wednesday’s gent is a somewhat sozzled Charles Butterworth. Guessing it’s Bebe Daniels on Tuesday.


  26. Patrick says:

    “Illicit” from 1931.


  27. Jenny M says:

    Joan Blondell and Barbara Stanwyck in Illicit.


  28. MIKE HAWKS says:

    Joan Blondell and Barbara Stanwyck check out the situation.


  29. Gary Martin says:

    Claude Gillingwater, Clive Butterworth, James Rennie, Natalie Moorhead,Joan Blondell, and Barbara Stanwyck in Illicit, 1931 …my source stating that it is the best example of pre-code films. Of course Babs stars.


  30. Wm. Stansel says:

    Ladies of Leisure, 1930, Ralph Graves, Barbara Stanwyck, Marie Provost, Juliette Compton


  31. LC says:

    Well, there you have it, it’s Illicit (1931).


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