A Question for the L.A. Daily Mirror Brain Trust

May 17, 1962, Deadline

“Deadline” was a television show that premiered in Los Angeles on May 17, 1962, hosted by Paul Stewart, whom you may recall as Raymond in “Citizen Kane.” Drop me a line if you have any copies of the show. Thanks.

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1 Response to A Question for the L.A. Daily Mirror Brain Trust

  1. aryedirect says:

    Unfortunately no copies, nor even awareness of the show. But an inference may be drawn. KCOP was an independent, rather low budget TV station. The time slot would have been adjacent to the local news time. My guess is that ‘Deadline’ was a local show, or at best a syndicated one. Paul Stewart, had a long career that peaked during the Noir era. His dark eyes made for excellent criminal masterminds. He also remained strongly connected to his Mercury Theater roots. Especially to Orson Welles. Paul once told me that he was the first one to give Welles national radio exposure by hiring Welles to play ‘The Shadow’ at CBS New York, where Mr. Stewart was then working as a radio director.


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