Holocaust Denial at Archive.org

Holocaust Denial, Archive.org

“The Director of the Holocau$t – Khazar Expatriate Billy Wilder” at Archive.org.


For years, I have been looking for the early Billy Wilder film “Menschen am Sonntag.” I finally found it on Archive.org, but along with the film, I discovered some material that’s rather sad and extremely alarming. Some anonymous (of course) filmmaker has concocted a lot of rubbish about Wilder making “propaganda” films that were used to help “fake” the Holocaust. Yes, that’s what I said. In fact, this film is part of a somewhat extensive repository of Holocaust denial material at Archive.org. Not a happy discovery to say the least.

Under the U.S. Constitution, it is not illegal to deny the Holocaust – just extremely crazy and quite offensive. It’s particularly insulting to make such allegations against Wilder, who lost family members in the Holocaust.

What’s the most troubling is that the Holocaust denial film has been downloaded 1,677 times and “Menschen am Sonntag” has been downloaded 70 times. Apparently there is an audience for this lunacy.

I like Archive.org and I use it regularly. It is within the right of Archive.org to host this material, but I find it most disturbing.

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3 Responses to Holocaust Denial at Archive.org

  1. moviepas says:

    Menschen Am Sonntag is a wonderful film that Billy Wilder, a then journalist, had a hand in the script. It starred a lot of no-name young people and I truly like it and have the Blu Ray and a DVD. Billy(or then Billie) was a Jewish-born man from Galicia in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. He would never have denied the existence of The Holocaust or Hitler. He went to USA to get away from that regime and we are the better for it with his body of film work.


  2. JAMES says:

    Did Mel Gibson write that stuff??????


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