L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Shopping Guide

John Gilbert Book
Note: This is a repost from 2013.

Today’s holiday gift suggestion is the latest biography from Eve Golden, “John Gilbert: The Last of the Silent Film Stars.”

The Daily Mirror likes to support its local independent bookstore whenever possible. But if you’re not close to a good local bookstore, “John Gilbert” is available from TCM and Amazon (both print and Kindle, and something called “Audible.”)

Eve’s other titles include:

Anna Held and the Birth of Ziegfeld’s Broadway

The Brief, Madcap Life of Kay Kendall

Golden Images: 41 Essays on Silent Film Stars

Platinum Girl: The Life and Legends of Jean Harlow

Vamp: The Rise and Fall of Theda Bara

Vernon and Irene Castle’s Ragtime Revolution

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1 Response to L.A. Daily Mirror Retro Shopping Guide

  1. Eve says:

    Aren’t you sweet! I promise to plug your book when it comes out, too–now git to writin’!


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