L.A. Becomes New York: ‘Three on a Match’ (1932)

"Thee on a Match"

After I posted a photo of Ann Dvorak’s Duesenberg in the 1932 film “Three on a Match,” John Bengtson noted that the school scenes were filmed at Los Angeles High School on Fort Moore Hill. “Three on a Match” is, of course, set in New York.

Los Angeles High School
A postcard showing Los Angeles High School, listed on EBay as Buy It Now for $5.19.

"Three on a Match"

"Three on a Match"

That looks like Los Angeles City Hall in the background.

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7 Responses to L.A. Becomes New York: ‘Three on a Match’ (1932)

  1. Anthony says:

    The history of LA High School’s Fort Moore Campus, including how the hill itself got its name would be fascinating if available. When L.A. High School moved to its present campus. Did they turn the old school into an “alternative school?”


  2. Carol Gwenn says:

    L.A. High moved to the Olympic Boulevard location in 1917.


  3. Jo Anne says:

    As a former student of Los Angeles High School, I agree that the Olympic Bl. location was in 1917. It was part of the History lecture we received as freshmen. I knew WB did not go to New York to film.


  4. Jo Anne says:

    Also forgot to mention Strike Up the Band used part of the school, as well as Room 222 the Television show,


  5. It really does look more like my idea of a New York school, than a California school. But maybe New Yorkers wouldn’t have been fooled.


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